Not that Girl

February 24, 2010
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Darkness. That’s what I saw that night, darkness closing in all around me as people rushed to see if I was okay. This sadness I was feeling was nothing I had ever known before but that night changed my life forever and I knew the girl I used to be would never be.

My name is Elizabeth Lynch, I’m 17 years old, I have blonde hair brown eyes, and I used to be the girl that had everything going for her. Amazing friends, Amazing grades, The head cheerleader spot, and an Amazing boyfriend. That’s right used to but on one rainy April night one of the most important things left me, forever.

The thing that left me that night was my boyfriend Nick. It was eleven O’clock at night and Nick was driving me home from the Spring Fling dance at our school. When all of a sudden a huge semi truck came flying through the red light. At that moment the last two things I heard were crushing metal and Nick’s voice that said “ I love you.”

Next thing I knew I woke up in a pure white room head pounding with people all around me. That’s when I knew something awful had just happened and something inside of me just told me Nick was dead. At first I wondered why I didn’t die too but then I remebered the truck had driven right into Nick’s side of the car.

I wasn’t sure what to do first. Cry? Ask questions? I was just so confussed and in shock I couldn’t say anything to anyone. When my words finally came to me the first thing I asked was Am I going to be okay? My mom answered pleasently “ Yes sweetheart you just have a few cut’s and brusies but we are just glad you are alive.” “ Okay mom I want to go back to sleep now my head hurts a lot good night.”

About three days later I went home I still couldn’t cry even though I was sad it was like there was a wall and the tears couldn’t get over.

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