Silent Life

February 24, 2010
By Mr.Blue BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Mr.Blue BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Wouldn’t it suck to have no hearing what so ever? Well that’s what some people go through everyday. You either have to read lips or do sign language.
Here is one human being that is going through the same thing. His name is Marcus. Marcus has been deaf since he was four. He has tons of friends at school it’s just that he can’t hear there real voices. He can just hear his own heartbeat.
So in school one day Marcus went to his music teacher and asked what the homework was and she replied with sign language that the homework was to listen to some R&B music so they can hear what there next band concert will be like. Marcus didn’t appreciate this. He started yelling and screaming till finally the teacher calmed him down. She said “Fine if you’re going to have a fit in my classroom you can just leave”
So he did. Later that day Marcus told his mom he wanted to quite band. She said ok but that doesn’t stop her from keeping Marcus in music because music helps learning. Marcus had a big fight with his mom till finally she sent him to his room.
About five days later on a Sunday afternoon Marcus saw an application for drums in a band. Marcus tore the flier down and ran off to call the number. The reason he was doing this is because he used to play drums and he would still be in music just like his mom wanted.
Marcus called and set up a meeting with the three other members of the band. Marcus was as happy as a boy with chocolate. He doesn’t have to hear to feel the beat of the drums. Marcus and his band started going on tour after the beginning of there new CD called ‘believer’. Later that year his band got a record deal and Marcus became a drumming legend. Marcus had finally found a meaning to his life.

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