Torn Dreams

February 23, 2010
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The door slams shut and all you can hear i the back ground is Jaycee crying behind it.
She starts screaming , “why Eddie why do you have to go!?” He opens the door and picks her up off the floor and holds her tight. All Jaycee can think about is the baby she hasn't told Eddie about the thought of raising her and Eddie's baby alone makes her cry even harder.

Eddie asked Jaycee out Freshman year of high school they've been inseparable ever since. I remember The day Eddie asked for Jaycee's hand in marriage that was the happiest day of there lives. They had the world at there finger tips two gorgeous people that had the same plans , hopes, and dreams.

Two years after the were married I received a call from my daughter Jaycee she just seemed so happy I knew right away that she was pregnant. She was glowing right through the phone I couldn't believe my baby girl was beginning to start a family of her own.

When Eddie came home that day her whole world changed. In fact every bodies life changed after Eddie said to her “I am leaving for Iraq in exactly two days.” Her face turned pale white as the snow and asked trying to hold back the tears when are you coming back? He took her hand and said
nothing she knew exactly what that meant.

Before Eddie died he never knew that Jaycee was pregnant only me and her father did
A few days after she found out that Eddie had died in War she committed suicide killing her and her baby. She was so scared of living with out Eddie that she ended her and her unborn child's life.

I hope and pray everyday that no one ever has to berrie there child whole family. We Barried Jaycee and Eddie and there unborn child together so Jaycee could rest in peace with Eddie by her side

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