Everyone has a Story

March 2, 2010
By Estra BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
Estra BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
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A wizened old man sat in front of the fire, his warm brown eyes reflecting the flames, thinking, always thinking. His grandson, of fifteen sat by his side on the warm soft carpet, both had the same thoughtful brown eyes, with a spark, a twinkle of light, both loved and enjoyed each other, one with a long future, one with just as long a history.

The old man sighed, contentedly but also a little sadly, life was good, enjoyable but he was tired, so tired, eager to past this world into the next but he knew he must wait, wait for a time when God was willing.
The young man looked up at his life-withered grandfather's face, searching it. “Grandfather will you tell me a story?”
His face crinkled into a beautiful but shriveled smile, “I thought you were too old for stories”
His grandson's face mimicked a look of fake shock “Was it not you who said, 'no one is too old for a story, nor too young'?!”
The old man smiled and began a long enchanting story, his eyes grew a light with life and adventure and all through the story his grandson hardly even blinked, he listened so patiently that the fire, being unfed burnt out to embers before he had finished listening to the sad, magnificent tale.

When the long story had been told the old man put down his exhausted head to rest.


“Grandfather!” The days had grown longer and his grandfather no longer sat by a fire but at the window, looking out at the wide green countryside. “Grandfather!” The young man's face was eager and full of excitement. He thrust a stack of papers into his grandfather's surprised face. “I wrote your story! Please read it. Do you think it's okay?”
His grandfather's face crinkled into a smile, “I will read it” He promised.

That night the old man read all of the story, taking in everything, he grinned inwardly partly with pride and partly with pleasure, he had taught his grandson well. As he ended the last page, he reflected on all that his life had been, while thinking this he sighed his last breath, more a sigh of relief than sadness.
This, he now knew was what he was waiting for.
One last thing that God knew he wanted to see, One last thing before he was to lay down his tired worn out body, One last time before he was to start a new life, with his holy father in heaven.

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