Guardian Angel

March 2, 2010
Chapter 1
No! Not again! He had to hide, fast. Looking around 12 year old David stepped into a nearby classroom. It was empty. David quickly spun around to leave and bumped into who he had tried to escape, the 14 year old school bully.
“What’s the matter squirt?” asked the big 8th grader, “You weren’t running from me were you?”
“Whatever made you think that?” asked David, “I always look forward to see you in the halls. I wouldn’t run away. I’d tell you more but if you’ll excuse me I’ll be going on my way now.” Instead of letting David pass the bully shoved his face down into David’s.
“Where’s my history paper squirt, huh?” The bully was only centimeters away and David could smell his smelly breath, reeking with onions. Scared, David slid off his backpack and fished out a 5 paged paper.
“U-uh…it’s right here.” David hesitantly raised the paper for the 8th grader to see as one would offer a hunk of meat to a starving dog with rabies. The bully quickly snatched the paper and stomped off, looking for another victim. David sighed and headed to class, dreading history. He hadn’t written a paper for Devon the bully. Yet he didn’t want a black eye or spend his time at home rinsing his clothes of toilet water, so like the last few days he had handed over his homework to Devon. David had gotten so used to it, that he didn’t sign his name on his assignments until he arrived into the classroom. And now he would receive yet another F in history. Dad would not be happy.

The man in the chair had no idea had no idea how long he’d been waiting but it had to have been awhile. It felt like days, yet he wasn’t hungry or thirsty. You would think they would have a clock in here he mused. Again the man viewed his surroundings. He was in what appeared to be a white waiting room. It reminded him of a dentist or doctor’s office. As his eyes passed over a door it opened and a woman holding a clipboard walked in. She was wearing a white jacket with a white shirt underneath and had a matching white skirt. She also had white sandals. On her jacket was a name plate with gold wings attached. The man instantly recognized the lady, Peggy. She would enter every so often, call a name from the clipboard, and then she and whoever she had called would leave and go who knew where. She looked up from the papers and called, “John Taylor.”
John got up and followed Peggy out the door. John followed her down a white hallway. Whoever designed this place is obsessed with white concluded John. As they walked along John noticed the floor and walls get puffier, as if they were turning into…clouds? That can’t be right thought John as he shook his head, I must have finally lost it. At last they reached a door. Inside was a small white room that looked like a questioning room with a table and 1 chair. What do you know, mused John, they’re both white, didn’t see that coming. Peggy turned to face John.
“You’ll be joined shortly.” And then she left. John ambled until he came by the chair. He looked around and finally settled into the chair. At that moment a booming warm voice filled the room, “Well John it sure is good to see you. I can’t wait to show you my kingdom and my stamp collection that I believe would contend with yours. What’s the matter? Take a seat my boy!” The voice had caused John to jump up from the chair and examine the room more closely. He was still alone and there were no speakers. Confused John slowly sat down and asked the voice, “Who are you, and…where are you?” The booming voice responded instantly, and its answer made John grip the table.
“My boy I am your father and creator! I have many names. My personal favorite is I Am but I go by other human names to such as the father, Yahweh, and God. Does that answer your question?” John closed his eyes as he took a calming breath and slowly nodded his head. Yes I’ve totally lost it, he thought. I’m somewhere in a padded cell for lunatics and now I’m seeing things and carrying on a conversation with a voice I’m hearing. Next things will be appearing in front of me. John opened his eyes in time to see a man in a flowing white robe appear in front of him. John gaped at the man. He was not gaping because the man had appeared from nowhere, but because his robe was whiter than John thought was possible. And his face was so brilliant that it almost hurt to look at. “John…that ‘office’ you were in, that’s what humans call purgatory.” John froze. Taking deep breaths and raised his head and looked at the figure.
“Are you trying to tell me I’m dead?” The figure hesitated, and then nodded. At the sound of a buzzing noise, the figure looked down on his wrist. “Jumping Hosephats! I know this is hard for you John but I have much to tell you. For one thing before you can enter my kingdom you need to…‘earn your wings.’ So you have options. 1) You can stay in the ‘waiting room’ for who knows how long, well I do but that’s not the point. Or 2) you can join the Guardian program.” John looked up, “Guardian program? You mean guardian angels?”
“Precisely!” boomed the figure, “As a guardian angel, it is your duty to…well just watch over the human you are assigned to. You protect them from evil, and pray for them to avoid any wrong. You will have special abilities so you can keep up with them. You will be able to see and pass through walls so you can follow your guard. And you do not need to worry being seen. Humans can’t see dead peop-” God stopped when he noticed the stricken look on John’s face, “…humans can’t see us.” As he finished talking a piece of parchment and a quill appeared in front of John.
“Are there any questions?”
“Yes I have a few,” replied John, “What is a guard?”
“It is the person you to guard.” Oh, that makes sense, thought John. John looked at the parchment. It said:

I __________ give my holy word that I will not commit any action that will attract human attention or take part in meddling in human feelings or their thoughts.

If I break my word I not only ask for forgiveness but will accept any punishment the Father deems fit.


After viewing the parchment and quill, John looked up and asked, “What’s with the quill?” There was a pause
“What? I like quills. You got a problem with quills?” John shook his head. God continued, “I guess I am a bit old fashioned.” After a few minutes of deliberation, John signed his name. He then looked up, “When do I start?”
“The child you are to guide is David Smith. As for your question, you begin right now.” As God finished speaking, there was a blinding flash. When John’s eyes adjusted he realized he was in a kid’s room. He also realized he was wearing a white suit and a white fedora hat. As John viewed his surroundings he noticed a kid sleeping in the corner. Must be David, thought John.

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