The Beginning

March 2, 2010
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"I was winning Mario Kart then I realized I was looking at the wrong screen" -my friends

“Here she comes” I thought to myself. Our first target. She walked towards the air conditioned building with a small smile playing at her lips. She stood tall in red stiletto heels and a red cocktail dress. Very formal… too formal. Maybe she was meeting someone here? Click-clack-click-clack… She was drawing nearer.

I knew what I had to say, I had rehearsed this moment for a long time. My two troop members and I were ready to work hard, but my nervousness was stopping me. There was something in my throat blocking the words. I swallowed hard. Click-clack-click-clack. She was almost here. The sign in my hands said it all in messy writing, but she wasn’t looking at the sign. In fact, she wasn’t looking my way at all. Click-clack. She was here.

“W-would you l-like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?” I asked quietly, feeling relieved to have said those nine words. She just walked past me. Maybe she didn’t hear?

“Hey, would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies, lady?” I said loudly, almost shouting with a sudden burst of confidence. She looked at my poster for a moment then looked at me, and she laughed. There went my confidence. When I looked at my poster I heard her walk into the grocery store, (click-clack-click-clack) and when I looked back she was gone. I frowned at where she had been standing moments ago.

“Rude!” one of my troop friends whispered. I smiled at her and the lingering nervousness in me vanished. When the next target walked up I didn’t wait for him to approach I walked strait up to him and asked him if he wanted our cookies.

He bought three boxes and came back for more later on in the day. After the lady who laughed at us was done shopping and walked towards the exit my friends and I stuck out our tongues at her and laughed the same way she did at us. She scoffed and walked away but tripped on the carpet and snapped the heel on one her expensive red stilettos.

=) THE END! (=

The author's comments:
I wrote this as though it happened to me but it happened to my little ostritch (don't ask!) =)

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