March 2, 2010
These woods bring back memories, unpleasant memories. I continued to walk on, then I saw a black, white, and brown large horse when I saw it I screamed in terror the horse jumped and the owner, probably the same age as me, looked over its matted mane, and asked, “Is everything okay?” I responded without even looking up “Yeah, yeah I'm fine.” “C’mon hop in.” I didn’t want to but if I wanted to make it in time I had to, after all I had promises to keep.
I saw kids. They, they were playing, tag. The horse…It, it didn’t stop. I jumped out of the cart and blocked the spooked horse from hitting the frightened children, trying to prevent my previous childhood tragedy. I fell to the freezing off white ground, which cushioned my fall.
It’s like it happened yesterday but it happened 15 years ago exactly, but something, someone was missing…my twin brother. Well not anymore because I'm playing with him now, joking with him now, seeing him right now, and now I know nothing can tear us apart.

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