Cross Country

March 2, 2010
Cross country, a well known sport for runners that like outdoors and have good endurance. Well, Jarret Sherman was a 15 year old cross country runner from Mattwan, Michigan. Jarret was a good runner and liked the outdoors, and even had good endurance, this sport is perfect for him.(snapshot lead). Jarret was sitting 140 pounds 6ft. 1in., a perfect running body (appearance). Running, was Jarret's thing this was his life (participle). Jarret was a Cross Country star, he has skill to compete at the pro level and have a chance at winning. The big race was today, the first race and almost the last race of the year. The runners were ready for the race, and were in line for the start. The big race, feet-trembling and body shaking as the race started yelled “go!”e(absolute). The gross muddy and slippery while the runners where miserably running threw it(appositive). The opposing runner for the other team won the race, as he crossed the finish line (action verb). Theres one thing nobody saw...... The runner cheated, he cut threw the woods. The judges declared him out-of-bounds, and he got disqualified(repetition for effect). The scrawny high schooler, tormented and furious felt no sign of compassion from the judges( adjective shifted out of order). The runner threw his Gatorade bottle on the course, and ran away mad(character in action).

“You guys are lieing, you have no proof of me cheating.” As the runner ran away (character speaking). Jarret ended up winning since the other runner got disqualified. The gatorad bottle that was thrown from the disqualified runner, ended up tripping Jarret and he had to crawl into the finish line. Jarret thought to himself..... did I really win the biggest race of the year? I did! (character thinking)

“Go give Jarret a hug for his victory” Jarrets mom said with joy.

“Okay mom” Jarrets sister said, not wanting to. (Reacting to another character) They hop in there car and head to his grandmas house, for a victory dinner. Jarret was walking up the brand new marble slate steps with a bright red door. (enviroment of the character). Then the the party started as jarret walked in with a gold medal around his neck, as the family enjoyed a nice family dinner.

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