The Perfect Guy For Me

February 22, 2010
By VictoriaE GOLD, Goodyear, Arizona
VictoriaE GOLD, Goodyear, Arizona
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As I sat and arranged the papers on my desk, I glance around the auditorium sized room. First day of college, and my lit professor was already talking too much, and mumbling under his breath about something that happened in the novel we were supposed to read over break, before school started.

I glance down at the notes I took in front of me. Even though the novel was really interesting, I didn’t find much to talk about, so as I looked back at the professor, I noticed that he was looking around the room, searching for a victim to answer the question that I didn’t hear.

Looking down at the sheet of paper in front of him, he skimmed the list of names through his coke-bottle glasses. When he was satisfied with the name he chose, he scanned the classroom. When he glanced at me, I squirmed. I didn’t hear his question, and I didn’t want to be that freshman who looked ridiculous her first day.

Praying to myself, I was hoping that he didn’t see my heart beating out of my chest.

Finally, he looked past me. “Sanders, please tell the class what you observed.”

I slumped in my seat, silently telling myself to relax.

The guy behind me began to talk, and I paused, cutting off my thoughts and listened intently to what he was saying. I tried so hard not to look back. He was discussing how he thought that they main character was blind to his own life, and how blindness was symbolism for ten other things mentioned in the novel.

When he cracked a joke about what the character did, the entire class laughed, including the professor, who seemed to be eating up every word he was saying. A small smile crossed my face when I realized that he was the kind of guy to be completely sarcastic, but could make an intelligent point at the same time.

After he was finished, the questions continued, and the answers were revealed, but I was too interested in trying to get a glimpse of the Sanders guy.

The bell rang some time later, and I took this opportunity to look around, trying to see who this guy was. However, when I looked behind me, I noticed an entire group of guys in the same direction of his voice, and I doubted that I could figure out which guy was which.

Defeated, I packed up slowly, waiting as everyone else left. My next class wasn’t for another couple hours, so I wasn’t in a rush to get out of there.

Walking out the double doors, I was startled by a voice next to me. “Hey.”

It was the voice of Sanders.

I jumped and faced him. “Hey. Can I help you?”

He laughed in his throat. “I just thought I would come and say hi. I don’t know that many people here, well, except for my best friend, and I thought I would make friends.”

I couldn’t help thinking, wow, he’s confident too. What good quality doesn’t he have? So I took the bait. “Well, I’m about to go grab a bite to eat. You wanna come?”

He smiled and nodded.

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