A Summer Nigh

February 12, 2010
At 8 o'clock the symphony begins. The breeze whispers across my arms and swishes the green leaves in every tree. The crickets begin their raspy quartet in the dark grass, The moon casts an eerie spotlight across the yard. The creek bubbles a soft rhythm. Its waters glowing in the milky light. Bull frogs are hiding so only their low voices can be heard. An owl swoops low and with a screech lands on a high tree branch. Its yellow eyes reflect the moon as it cleans its gray feathers.

Then the lights come. They're hard to see at first, but once you see one you see the little yellow lights everywhere. Fireflies, hundreds of them circle the trees. Their warm flickers light up the black sky. They're like nightlights in a little child's room. While looking up you notice the stars, like bright twinklings of heaven. Some so bright seem so near you can almost touch them. Taking in the whole scene, you see the true beauty of it all. The music, the lights, they're like magic! The night is when everything comes alive. At 11 o'clock the show is over. All goes silent. Your sad at first, wanting the magic to continue. Then you remember that there is always tomorrow and there will be even more to see the next summer night.

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