after my dad died.

February 11, 2010
By Anonymous

I wonder if dad was telling the truth after he said to my older sister, “you are the oldest, take care of your mom your little sisters and you can see I don’t have much time to live.” We were on the way to church; my dad was driving. We went inside the church, we start singing our worship songs. I couldn’t believe my that dad is going to die. I noticed something in my mom’s eyes, she wasn’t paying attention to the preacher, she began to feel bad.
My grandma came the week after to visit us, after she heard that dad was sick. My grandma starts telling us the stories every night. she asked “ who want to hear some stories,” Ami ran to grandma’s lap then I was sitting beside her on the right side and my big sister Adanna was on the other side. she started” once upon a time there was a king on the mountain, every time people want to go to visited his palace, but you have to cross the river to get to the palace and there were not boats you have to swim or walk in the water there were also crocodiles in the river sometimes they killed people. It was hard for people to go, but they keep doing it. The end.” We clapped our hands after the story. We went to slept. When I woke up In the morning I heard someone crying, I run in the living room it was my mom and my grandma I didn’t even ask why they were crying I just ran in my dad’s room I found my dad laying on his bed covered in white sheets. It’s was hard for me to believed that my dad is died, after a week later my grandma decided to take everybody in the village to stay with her. My big sister Adanna refused to go. She said,” nobody has the right to tell me where to go or to live so I am staying here in the city and if you want, you can take Yvette and Ami in the village with grandma,” I asked her that,” do you remembered how you promised dad that you will take care of mom and Ami, so now after all this happened you don’t want to support your family anymore?” she said” I don’t care about anything,” I said “ what about dad’s church don’t you even care about what dad left for you.” She just walks away and took all her belongings. I started crying again. We went in the village to live with grandma. I was 16 years old I started wondering how am I going to take care of my mom, my little sister, and my grandma. I didn’t want my sister to leave us, everybody worried about her. After we arrived in the village, grandma started teaching us how to cook, how to plant and everything. My mom was not happy at all. I hated it when I see my mom unhappy. After about 7 months. I decided to go back again in the city looking for my big sister Adanna. i went in the market and I found her , she was standing there , when she saw me she started to cry . She said that she didn’t have a house to live in. she start begging me to take her in the village to live with the family again. She was afraid of my mom and my grandma for what she said the day we moved in the village. I was so happy again with my family.

The author's comments:
it's inspired me because there are kids who got the same problem aspecialy in africa

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