something you regret

February 9, 2010
By Reds#5 SILVER, Eaton, Colorado
Reds#5 SILVER, Eaton, Colorado
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"lifes a garden dig it" joe dirt
"pain is weakness leaving the body"
"it only hurts till it stops hurting" ciaras dad lol

regret is not a good feeling. its knowing you did somethting to hurt someone else. regret is a shadow always there visible in light and its true state hidden by darkness. it follows you forever a spitting image of what you did it doesnt go away its filled with darkness and temptation that cant be rid of you want to fall into it be pulled in an give into its power you can always feel its touch on your shoulder and ice cold hand slid as rock it sends shivers up your spine its voice is one of power like you have never herd it whispers in your ear and you feel its cold breath on the back of your neck multiplying your chills but the voice itself is unlike any its a voice you are unable to be tired of its comforting yet taunting waiting for you to say yes to the depression and temptaion but it promises freedom an happiness
your voice grown dry a loss of all words in your mind you scream no but your body says yes the shadow of temptaion takes over as you helplessly give in then its over and your left with not happiness and freedom like it promised but cold emptyness inside you a rock grows feeling angry at the only one to blame you. as time passes it increases in strength and you grow weaker each time it takes over it takes a little peice of you away and leeaves a little more anger and sadness soon you dont resist at all and it takes overr completly foreve you become the shadow of depression and temptations its a drug that you cannot escape to only look back and regret forever your mistakes

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