February 15, 2010
Smoke poured eternally out of Audrey’s cigarette, the same cigarette she rapidly jabbed between her seductively red lips at intervals that had been pre-determined from years of smoking. Her mahogany eyes surveyed the forest, a majestic place that had somehow managed to hold its own in a world of mini-malls and tract housing. The ancient arms of the birches and pines stretched out, as if motivated to touch the gray, early-morning sky. This patch of earth had been Audrey’s refuge for many a year, and she turned here again in a time where no one she knew refrained from commenting on her offensive beliefs, offensive wardrobe or offensive mannerisms. Her corn-silk hair cascaded over her shoulders, her tendrils wild and impossible to tame. Rays of sun began to peek hopefully over the distant frost-covered hills, and suddenly the entire sky had adopted a kaleidoscope of colors. The warmth caressed Audrey’s cheek, and she couldn’t help but smile. As she did so, she dropped her cigarette, stomped it out, and walked away.

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