February 6, 2010
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What do I believe in? Fairytales? Magic? Am I even alive, is this a dream or am I real?
Her tiny heart beat slowly, rhythmically against the soft repetitive lullaby. Her whole body was fragile, like a little toy, she could not open her eyes. She was stuck in this world where no one knew existed, a point unmapped, untraveled. Misty fogs swirled, forming milky purple clouds that clouded her view, seeping into her eyelids. The gassy substance seemed to dissolve into her veins day by day, weakening her and suppressing her body and mind. It seemed like no matter how hard she ran, there was nothing to see, as if she was spinning around in circles around the same plain. It was the silence that haunted her, the weird silence, as if this place was dead. It felt as if everything had been stilled, silenced by an ungodly, destructive hand. There was this one occasional lullaby that played softly. It irritated her, she did not know how to describe it, she did not know where it came from, it seemed like it was coming from all around her. Yet subconsciously, it felt like it came from outside this world. She did not know if she preferred the silence, or the music.
She wondered where all the people were, or were there people? She could not remember, it seemed really long ago when she saw other people, or were they just her imagination? It seemed so faint so distant. Was there anything else besides this grey, black world that she is in? She thought she remembered colours, sounds, laughter.
Then, the music turned to a crescendo, blocking out her thoughts, it was always like that when she tried to recall things.
She sighed and laid back onto the ground, with her palms knitted together supporting her head. She believed that she would escape out of this place one day; perhaps a knight in shining armour would come and save her. However, time seemed endless in this place, one day passing by one day. She was so lonely in this place, watching the clouds pass. She forgot how it was like to feel scared, or happy. She barely had any feelings now, had she even had any before? It had been too long.
It was as if she was on a rocking chair, rocking up and down, round and round. Twirling around a belief that she would make it out to the world outside, the music changed again to another tone, another octave. She believed very strongly but she did not know how to get there. Yet she knew that time was running out, faster and faster, the more she breathed the fewer breaths she had left.
She thought harder and harder. She remembered bright lights shining at her. It was all so blur, the images were all so fuzzy, like an old television set. She reached into her mind, and carefully selected a silvery thread of memory and pushed it to the front of her head. Ah, too many thoughts in her mind, the lullaby got louder and louder again, till it filled up her head, and it stopped abruptly and started replaying. Why does the tune keep ending midway, why could she not remember the rest of the tune?
Then, the memories came back to her in a trickle and then more and more images flashed by till it became a parody of vision. She remembered the music, the lullaby, it had something to do with this world. It seemed like the last thing she was listening to was this same old tune, before there was a crash. Yes, there was a crash, bright lights blinding her, screams, the excruciating honk of a car. Then she was slammed by something hard, she felt the texture of the road as she fell, into this world, into the depths of her mind.
Realisation hit her in a wave, forcing tears out of her eyes as quickly as the impact when the news set in. She was not the only one in this world after all, she was simply stuck in the depths of her own mind. She had merely been lying in her own body on a hospital bed while people around her mourned.
Then she remembered everything, the rush of the early morning, the sounds of laughter, the twitter of birds, the colours, the sights and the myriad of colours of the living world. How she wanted to taste, to smell, to cry, to swallow, to be alive again! Her whole body was shaking with the tears and immense desire to break free.
A feeling overwhelmed her body, taking her breath away, rushing through her body and gushing out to the skies. It seemed to form a pillar of power and hope above her, lifting her up, pulling her up to her greatest height, as if to reach for the stars. She believed, she believed that she would and could break free from the coma. However, it seemed like she was fighting against a storm, as if an immense wall of darkness was crushing her, looming over her. She felt like she was facing a fleet of tornadoes and a wall of fire. She could not reach over it, the winds were too strong, buffering her and the fire was too hot, scalding her.
Then she felt it, she was not fighting alone. She could feel the roar of the nation, the belief of the people, the pure power of the hope of hands joined in prayer. There were the beliefs of a thousand people in the world praying for her to wake up, cheering her on for the fight for her life in this dream world.
She felt her whole body aglow with light, her soul being lifted up as if she was floating. The light, light that shone through, that banished all evil. A glorious tunnel built up by the beliefs of thousands and the power of the lord to heal. Her face was stretched into a stunning, real smile, there was a feeling of pure joy, peace and happiness. It was as if she could hear the prayers of millions swirling around her, propelling her up to the skies.
The combined beliefs of many together with hers, to give her strength and the willpower to pull herself out of her deep sleep, to open her beautiful eyes, to see the look of amazement and pure happiness in the people’s eyes when she wakes up. To see the screams of elation and tears of joy that shakes their whole frame. To feel the love of everyone around her, and the belief that she would wake up from her coma one day.

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