February 1, 2010
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I'm running from my ghost.I'm running from her.out of breathe and exhausted from severe insomnia.i must be seeking insanity.this ally reeks of death,and I linger hoping 
My invisibility keeps me do you win A race with a spirit that haunts as it sings?a light temporarily blinds my right eye and so I stand,afraid to hesitate.a hand grips my arm and a sharp pain reels from inside my flesh.I was so busy contemplating on what to do that I'd forgotten about my dreams have began to kill me,my body cannot take this imaginary pain any longer.I think of the time when everything was right and justified,and then the world turns to dust.I inhale the cloudy and heavy scent of silver.this lie has become imagination becomes violently vivid.raging waves of salt and mud pound in my blood starts to freeze and my body becomes stiff as my eyes glaze over with my last moments I feel the hand release my arm and as I fall to the frozen cement I exhale my ghost and set it skull I'd invaded by ground.

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