A Typical Morning

February 3, 2010
By VirtueValueVision DIAMOND, Holgate, Ohio
VirtueValueVision DIAMOND, Holgate, Ohio
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It is nothing out of the ordinary for me to be abruptly awoken by force due to one of my siblings landing on me like a sumo wrestler, having a flash light in my face or even on the rare, thank God it is rare, occasion being serenaded with the clanking of pots and pans. With my eyes still closed, I walk down stairs to hear my mom telling the others, only for the twentieth time, what we are doing today. Before I even reach the kitchen I am clobbered by my, not quite two year old sister. She stands with her arms up in the air whimpering, asking for Cheerio’s and milk and yelling ‘I see Mickey Mouse!’ So I pick her up, throw her on my hip and gradually make my way to the kitchen to get her Cheerio’s. I get there and there is a lineup for the one bathroom we have. My brother stands outside with his legs crossed in near agony while my sister does her business and taking forever, though I wonder if it is on purpose. My mom then proceeds to scold her saying that if he makes a mess she’s cleaning it up… she is out before my mom could count to two. My brother enters the restroom sarcastically saying ‘Halleluiah’. I get the baby her food and turn on Mickey Mouse Club House as she sings the theme song. By this point I am usually awake, though not by choice.

The author's comments:
This really does happen at least twice a week at my house. There are whiteness’s! My mom and I both asked why it isn't this funny when it is actually happening.

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