February 1, 2010
Ronald had just gotten off of the bus from coming back from a correctional camp. Then he saw his mom and a police man standing outside waiting for him. Ronald walked up to them and asked them what was going on. His mom told him that’s he was going to stay with his uncle Bob for a while. So Ronald went home and started packing everything because his plane was leaving tomorrow at 9:45 am the next morning.

The next morning Ronald’s mom woke him up at seven o-clock in the morning and told him to start getting ready because they had to get to the air port so he could get on his plane before it took off from the airport.

Three hours later Ronald finally arrived at the other airport where his uncle Bob was waiting for him. Ronald was finally meeting his uncle for the first time. Ronald’s uncle Bob was about five feet and eleven inches tall and he was built. Ronald walked up to him and his uncle said hi my name is Robert but most people call me Bob. Ronald asked him if he could call him Bob. Robert told him that it was ok if he called him Bob and to come on he wanted to get home. When they were walking out of the airport and Ronald noticed a truck. It was a dodge 3500 diesel with twin turbo, it had a supped up cam, it was fuel injected. It also had I stack coming out of the box of the truck. The truck was red with very aggressive tires on it. Robert started walking up to the truck and Ronald asked him if it was his truck and Robert said get in. So Ronald and Bob went home and unpacked all Ronald stuff. By the time they were done unpacking it was about ten o-clock at night so they ate and went to bed.

The next morning Ronald woke up and noticed Bob was still sleeping so Ronald got ready and went outside to look around when he was walking around he noticed that there was a trail so Ronald followed the trail into the woods and then he saw a pretty big size garage. He did not know why it was there but then he seen a drive way that led to the road.

Ronald looked around outside the garage for a little while but he only seen a trailer to hall cars and trucks on. So then Ronald went to the garage door and opened it. Inside there was a truck with candy apple paint on it. The truck had small short headers coming out of the hood with and an air breather in the middle of the headers. So Ronald opened the hood and there was an engine that produced 640 horse powers and it had aluminum heads. Ronald was amazed on how much horse power this produced out. While Ronald was looking around he noticed that there was a wall with a bunch of trophies on it. Then Ronald’s uncle bob walked in and asked him what he was doing by his truck. Bob did not want him by the truck. Ronald asked him what were all the trophies from and bob said that they were trophies that he had won pulling his truck in the street mod class. Bob said that the last 64 times he pulled he had gotten 54 first places, 4 seconds, two thirds and the last four the truck had broken. Bob was telling Ronald that he loved the sport of truck pulling but it was becoming to be too much work for him to do it by himself and that he would have to rebuild the motor because the last time he pulled the motor blew up. Ronald to bob that he wanted to help him pull his truck. Bob said that he would do it with Ronald but they would have to get the motor rebuilt first. Ronald asked bob if they could give the truck a name and put the lettering down the side of the truck. Bob said that they could do that. They decided that they were going to call the truck destination.
The next day Bob went to have the motor rebuilt. They told him tha6t it was going to 6 days until he gets the motor back and the next pull was in seven days. So Ronald and bob had to wash the truck and put the letting down the side of the truck.

The motor was finally done so bob and Ronald went to pick it up. When they got home they went straight to the garage and started putting the motor in the truck because the pull was the next day. They were up until three o-clock in the morning putting the motor in.

The next morning bob woke Ronald up at 7 because the pull started at 9.

They finally got to the truck pull and there was about 60 trucks there. By three o-clock it was there turn to pull and bob got lined up to the sled and then took off and he pulled the sled 336 feet and
that put him in first. There was only one truck left to go and he broke down so they took first place at the truck pull.

They finished pulling for the rest of the season and then Ronald had to go back to his moms and he didn’t get into anymore trouble.

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