What,how,why,where,and who?(PART 1)

January 31, 2010
By AlexisDuque BRONZE, Mentone, California
AlexisDuque BRONZE, Mentone, California
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Live your lire YOUR way

I live in what the rich people on the south side call the "dirty,dangerous,loser-nobody" north side of my town. Sometimes i think they're right. Nobody here ever really did anything in life. They ended up being drug dealers, gang members, or a low life.
I want to be something more. I want to be a teacher or lawyer. i want to be the girl who made something of herself and came from the northside. Most of all, i wanted to prove everybody else wrong.
I told my mom and she said don't try-i'll just waste time.
school wasn't so supporting either. Our school mixed the rich people with the north side people. That's not a very brilliant combanation.
On the way to class some rich kid pushed me down.
"move!" she yelled.her and her friends passed me and i over heard what she said.
Poor girl doen't have a chance. She should just drop out. It's not like she'll do anything" she told her friends.
"Yes i will" i muttered while draggins myself up off the ground.

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