The Sudden War.

January 31, 2010
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<<//: 07:00 Hours-7:00 AM ((GMT))
Lake Michigan’s cold wind hissed as the frozen water began to crack loudly. Civilians watched with an unread expression as the distant quite sky began to roar in a fleet of hostile forces. CH-53 Sea Stallion’s formed an offensive attack pattern as ground troops readied to drop into civilian filled streets. Two F-15E Strike Eagle’s roared past the formation and quickly accelerated into the city of Chicago. Suddenly the two fighter jets in unison launched two GBU-28 laser guided bunker busting bombs and then pulled away as the GBU’s streaked across the awakening city.

The GBU’s smashed into the Willies tower individually in four separate locations and after a heartbeat pause as the city’s awakened population watched in a fixed horror when the explosions detonated. Every window in the Willis tower was shattered in the sound wave caused by the explosion. The tower groaned as it’s support began to topple sending huge fragments of debris into the city streets below. In a shocking almost déjà vu resemblance to the North Trade Center tower on 9/11 2001 the Willis tower collapsed into itself just a few short minutes later. Huge dock landing ships ripped across the thinly frozen Lake Michigan water and into the harbor unleashing Hundreds of troops and dozens of FV4034 Challenger 2 tanks onto the target grounds.

“Our troops have made quick progress.” General Tsavo a dark man inhaled a freshly lit Cuban cigar that he had ordered from the black market. “the Americans where not prepared for such an attack.” Another man grinned as the updated reports from the attacks arrived. “Do not be so fooled as to think the Americans as being incompetent. They managed to stop our whole first through fifty ninth regiment troops from advancing into Michigan.” He exhaled then smiled. “Let our War for blood begin.”
((I-90 E Highway.))

“Dude, no way.” Carlos the younger of the two male cousins aboard the 2003 Dodge 1500 van gaped as the Willis tower began to collapse. “Watch out!” Santiago the older cousin barked at his father who was so transfixed on the explosion they he hadn’t noticed the flipped Semi-Trailer closing in at a hundred yards away. Switching lanes he cut off a Chevy Malibu who quickly braked back and begun to honk its horn loudly. The Hispanic family inside the large van begun to scream questions, Santiago’s father shut them up. (( ‘These’ symbols translate Spanish to English.)) ’Shut up I need to call Chavo!’ He referred to the secondary car carrying the other family members for their trip.
The Phone rung then not too shortly after a panicked “Compadre” answered the phone. ’Adolfo what is happening?’ Santiago’s father heard Chavo’s daughter and nieces screaming at the unfolding disaster before them. ’I don’t know.’ He frowned then cursed to himself as he saw a huge barricade of destroyed vehicles in the far distance.

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