Just Another Friday Night

February 6, 2010
By , Escondido, CA
4 more months... 4 more months... 4 more months... 4 more months... I chanted this mantra in my head to keep me clam... 4 more months.... “You never thanked me for your renewing your f------ car license plates”... 4 more months... yes, I did thank you, I thanked you when you gave them to me.... 4 more months.... “You never appreciate anything you thing everything just falls from heaven, f------ ungrateful”... 4 more months... “All I get from you when I come home is lip and attitude”... 4 more months... Yep, my fault, I was my usual self tonight, joking around, slightly sarcastic, but in a good-hearted way trying to keep the mood light, whoops.... 4 more months... “I can’t stand you, get out of my kitchen, get out of my face”... Fine, make your own dinner then... 4 more months... “I can’t wait until you turn 18 and go suck off of someone else”... 4 more months.... Finally he is on the same page as me... 4 more months... As I sit down on my bed I can still hear everything going on downstairs; cupboards slamming, plates crashing, voices rising. My dog cowers into an even smaller ball in the corner. I hear the door directly underneath I let myself hope for a moment, that maybe he’ll leave. But, no, he won’t, he’ll stay, I’m the one who will leave. As the voices rise to an even higher pitch I lay back onto my bed... 4 more months until graduation... 4 more months... I breathe a sigh of relief... 4 more months... I close my eyes and dream of happiness... 4 more months....

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