Green Summers

February 8, 2010
Her hand brushed mine as we sat together under the big leafy green tree outside the school. We looked at each other for a moment -- just a moment -- and as our eyes met, we smiled.
I leaned back against the tree and sighed. I had always the loved the feel of the sun on my cheeks and the breeze on my skin and in my hair. It was summer and I was happy. We both were.
It wasn't a hot summer, per say, but a warm one, full of those perfect days when it's not too hot, but not chilly enough to need even a light jacket, either. There was the warm breeze that you could always feel, like it was just always there, but it wasn't strong enough to chill you or even mess up your hair, it would just... move it around a little so you looked like one of those movie stars in one of those chick flicks where eveyone had perfect makeup and looked like cast members from Gilmore Girls and Smallville. And the sun was just perfect. Not too bright or too hot. Just brihgt enough to shine through the plethera of leaves blooming on each tree and cast this sort of green GLOW on everything. And just warm enough to make you feel close to Heaven, but not the sun. The heat didn't burn. You couldn't feel your skin sizzling, like it did some summers, you just felt it sighing in contentment. Yeah, that's it. THAT'S what kind of summer it was.
And as we sat beneath the big green tree in the lush green grass on that perfect green hill, we each knew what the other was thinking. We each knew we were thinking the exact same thought. And that thought was this:
"You are my best friend in the whole wide world. I would not trade what we have for anything, not ANYTHING. I love you."

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Warm_My_Heart said...
Jun. 26, 2011 at 4:26 am
Again, beautiful.
kirbybug said...
May 12, 2010 at 3:44 pm
hey my name is kirbybug hope toread more of your stuff please check out my posts!!! loved it its great!!!;):) CAINT WAIT TO READ MORE FROM YOU!!!!!
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