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February 4, 2010
The large almost clumped snowflakes hit my head clinging to every strand of hair I have. It’s hard to think that just last summer I was walking on this same path. The only difference between then and now is a smile. I cannot fully explain how I feel when I come here maybe it’s a sad feeling of loss or maybe it’s a happy warm feeling from the memories we shared on this now darkening snow covered trail. But whatever the feeling it draws me here with a voice of warmth and safety. But that voice slowly fades as I walk. I will keep walking and walking hoping to find that voice again although I never have found it.

I think of my sister and I running as fast as we could hoping that you wouldn’t catch us but you always would I think secretly I wanted you to catch me. I loved to see your face when you scooped me up and throw me on your back as you continued to chase my sister. I could never understand how I managed to hang on to you as you ran. But those days are gone and so are you.

Since you died the family has somewhat lost contact with each other even standing in the same room with them seems like a dark and lonely void of space just waiting for something to fill it. Landon asked me the other day to ask the fairy’s to send you home. Of course he means angels but he is only five so he doesn’t understand that you can’t come back.

Everyday I miss you and I hope one day I will see you again. You were my best friend and you still are. You raised me from a child and gave me everything and took nothing. So I suppose the reason I walk this forgotten concourse is the hope that I might meet you at the end.
Ps. I love you grand pa

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gram said...
Feb. 8, 2010 at 6:36 pm
brings tears to my eyes.....
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