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February 4, 2010
By KaitlynStarr BRONZE, Bamberg, South Carolina
KaitlynStarr BRONZE, Bamberg, South Carolina
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"Just DANCE"

I walk into the room feeling exstatic, that is until I hear the screaming in my parents room. I couldn't wait to show off my 93 on the science project I worked all night long on. I walked into my parents room ready to pull my mom off my dad or the other way around.

Honestly, I was getting sick and tired of their constant arguing and bickering. I had other places to stay, other family to love, but I never thought about myself. It was always about others, please my mom, please my dad, help my sister with her homework, what about me?!

I can't stand it anymore, I pack my bags and leave for West Virginia to stay with my always loving grandparents. But I don't go alone, 2 plane tickets, West Virginia, I inform my 8 year old sister. She is worried about her "mommy" and her "daddy", I tell her, Chelsea they never cared! They only keep us because they don't want their reputation to go down the toilet!

Whosh! We are swooped off the ground on our middle class plane on the way to snowy West Virginia. My sister doesn't understand that this is for our good, but I reassure her with a big chocolate chip cookie that I took from our parents house.

Our grandparents greet us with warm hugs and kisses. I remember thinking, "free at last, free at last, thank god almighty free at last."

The author's comments:
When I went on my youth trip we met a lot of children who came from family's who didn't care. So, I thought I would write a story about one of the kids I met :).

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