The Brocken Dream

February 4, 2010
By countrygirl16 BRONZE, Fonda, New York
countrygirl16 BRONZE, Fonda, New York
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All they ever told her was do what she wants as long as she was happy, so when she finally did they didn’t like it. All Morgan’s life she had tried to do what her parents said she couldn’t do. Then one day she went to her parents and said, “ I want you to meet a very good friend he is coming from New York.” So Toby, of course asked, what the name of her friend was? Morgan said, “ his name was Buck and that he was nothing more than a friend.”
When Buck texted her to tell her that the plane just landed in Missouri. Morgan got in her truck and went to get him. Morgan told him that she was going to take him up to the barn to get a couple of horses and that was how she was going to show him around town. When they got there she told him to pick any horses he wanted except for the one in the last stall, because that was her horse Tiny. Ofcourse he had to pick the only other one that went fast, Thunderhead.
When they started there ride they got talking and she had told Buck that she was going to do the rodeo but the only thing is, is that she need someone there by her side but she knew that Buck had his own life. But to her surprise he said he would love to be there by her. Her only fear was telling her Hailey and Toby about the whole plain.
She was ready to go out and live on her own but of course they said she wouldn’t be able to do it. But she knew she could do it and he knew she could that was all she needs to keep her going. Morgan was nervous to tell her parents and her sister. Toby and Hailey, her parents , tell her all the time that her sister, Chloe has always had one up on her, Morgan was going to change that. So it was the time that she had to tell them and Buck was there talking to her father, she then walked out into the living room and said to her mom and dad that she needed to talk to them.
So they all sat down and the words came out “Dad I’m leaving I’m going to leave tonight I’m am going to the rodeo with Buck”. She then got up and went up to her room with Buck right behind her. She never even gave her parents time to talk because, she wasn’t going to let them stop her this time.
She went to her room got the money she had been saving, packed her bags and grabbed anything else she needed. They both walked down the stairs and without even looking walked out the door. They walked over to the truck threw the bags in the back and headed up to the barn.
When they got there they hooked the trailer up to the truck. Got Tiny and Thunderhead, because she was not going to leave her two horses behind. She loaded Tiny then loaded Thunderhead. Grabbed the two saddles and the two bridles and threw them on the back of the truck. Got a few bales of hay and a couple bags of grain and loaded up the truck, then they took off.
She never looked back but felt the pain. Buck is an attractive guy and the women are always trying to get his attention. But Morgan never looked at him that way she looked at what was underneath all that. Morgan’s sister Chloe is pretty too and when Morgan was telling her parents and Chloe she seen her looking at Buck.
In the truck Morgan asked Buck, “ What he thought about Chloe?”
He replied “She wasn’t bad looking.”
Morgan told Buck that Chloe was a little crazy, she gets violent if she doesn’t get what she wants. Buck didn’t care and just told Morgan to stop talking about it before she goes crazy. They finally stop at a motel to sleep and check on the horses.
As they pulled in that little car pulled in behind them. Morgan told Buck that the car had been following them for a while. Of course Buck said don’t worry about it maybe it’s just someone going to the same place.
Morgan said,” That car looks like crazy Chloe’s car, I think she wants you and what did I tell you what she wants she get.”They were both tired and they both where heavy sleepers. All night Morgan was twisting and turning and she kept feeling like someone was watching her. She wanted to wake Buck up but she knew he was very tired. All she could do was think about that car and her sister.
Morning came and they headed out and checked on the horses, stopped to eat, filled the gas, and headed toward the rodeo. As they pulled out the little car did also. Buck finally said, “This is started to get weird.” Morgan agreed. They then stopped at another motel, but this time they got different rooms and that car followed them in there too.
Morgan asked Buck to stay with her till she falls asleep, and he did. Morgan was up at the crack of dawn. She went out to check on the horses and there was a nice little field that she took the horses over to so they could loosen up and not get stiff.
While waiting for Buck, thinking that he would be out now, it wasn’t like him to still be sleeping. When she looked over at the truck to see if she had closed the trailer door, she was in shock. The car was gone and something was wrong. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know if she should go check on him or not.
Her brain said no, but her gut said yes. So she brought the horse back, loaded them back on the trailer. When she got to his room she was afraid to knock. But she did. No one came to the door and it was unlocked. She walked in and Buck was gone.
All that was there was a note that said, we knew you couldn’t do it, in Toby’s hand writing. Why did this happen to me? She kept asking herself. Why did Chloe take Buck away? Why did Buck go? Why was Chloe following? Why didn’t they believe in her? How did they know she couldn’t do the rodeo without someone? How?

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