Party Time

January 29, 2010
By Hannah Rae SILVER, Houston, Texas
Hannah Rae SILVER, Houston, Texas
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“Partaaaay!” exclaimed my brother. Me being the responsible child in the family, I was extremely opposed to throwing a house party while my parents were away. “Keegan, we are supposed to keep the house clean and you know we cant have friends over. A party is definitely not an option.” Before taking off to Las Vegas to celebrate their anniversary, my parents left me specific instructions to keep my older brother in line. Wasn’t he supposed to be the one watching over me?
“Oooooh no, this cant be good” I thought to myself as I saw cars lined on up on both sides of my entire street as I was driving home from dance practice. My friends mother, who was chaperoning me for the next few days, looked appalled. “Im gonna kill him!” Thoughts raced through my mind at the speed of light. I was filled with rage, trying to think of what I could do that would hurt him worse. I pulled out my key from my back pocket and turned the knob, preparing myself for the worse. The house was a loud mess! Hip hop beats blared from my parents brand new speakers, dozens of sweaty teenagers paraded around the house, and you could smell the rank scent of alcohol from a mile away. This could not be happening to me! Then I heard the sharp shrill of police sirens. I didn’t know it was possible for this night to get worse. A disoriented group of partygoers trampled me as they attempted to escape from the authorities. I watched flashing police cars drive off through the blinds after the party dispersed, then finally I spotted Keegan in the kitchen. I burst into hysterics at the sight of him, “What were you thinking!” I exclaimed. “Just help me clean it all up, mom and dad just called and said they were coming home tomorrow morning because mom got food poisoning!” After thoroughly criticizing my brother, we got to work. This was going to be along night. We swept, we mopped, we vacuumed, we fluffed, we dusted, and we even cleaned barf off the tile floor in the bathroom. The entire house was finally spotless by 4 in the morning. We high fived each other and walked to our bedrooms like zombies. We slept all day and didn’t even hear my parents arrive at home. Of course, they didn’t notice a single thing out of place.
After waking up from a full 13 hours of beauty sleep I realized that even though my brother completely defied my rules, he was standing by me the entire time we cleaned. Although sometimes he come up with insanely moronic ideas, ill always love him, and through this crazy experience, we grew closer. It sure wasn’t fun cleaning, but I will never forget the day my brother and my relationship became unbreakable.

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