Megan and Snow

January 28, 2010
Megan loves snow. Her older sister, Kaitlyn, does not. “It’s too cold and wet,” Kaitlyn told Megan. In an effort to change Kaitlyn’s mind, Megan waits until the snow is thicker and icier to execute her plan. “What are you doing?” Kaitlyn asks Megan, who is sitting by the window, watching the snow fall. An hour later, Megan squeals. While Kaitlyn watches television, Megan puts on her snow gear. She grabs a spoon and a bowl then runs outside, into the snow. Fifteen minutes later, Megan dashes back into the house. She puts the bowl of snow into the freezer and takes off her gear. Kaitlyn has not yet moved from her spot in front of the television. Megan keeps and eye on her sister as she pours fruit juice into glasses filled with snow. When she is done, she walks into the living room where her sister is half asleep. She gives her the snow cone and smiles. “Do you like snow now?”

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