The Worst Day On The Job By Ryan

January 28, 2010
By Braves11 BRONZE, Fonda, New York
Braves11 BRONZE, Fonda, New York
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“I once dreamed of the world to be a better place, but I was wrong. Being a Cop isn’t the best job you can get its very hard watching people die and getting hit by cars” Snarled Officer Fisher.
“Officer Fisher are you in your cop car”.
“Yes, Iam in my car why you asking.”
“There a bank robbery on 243 Prospect Road with four hostages inside and the suspects are armed with a deadly weapon.”
“Iam on my way” Officer Fisher yelled.
“There are bullets flying everywhere we need to get in there fats before someone gets hurt. Put your hands in air and get on the ground.” As Officer Fisher chases the suspects, Officer Fisher’s partner gets shot and is in critical conditions.
“The robbers took off in a stolen car and I am on pursuit. They’re heading on 18 Broadway heading up towards Johnstown” Shouted Officer Fisher.
“All units in the area respond” as dispatcher yelled.
“They just got into a car accident with a semi”. Officer Fisher shouts, “Please come out of the car with your hand in the air. As Officer Fisher walks up the car he realizes that it is his best friend’s car. AS Officer Fisher walks up the car he finds the kid you robbed the bank and they are dead.
Officer Fisher yells, “I can’t believe that my best friends James boys were killed in the car accident. I’m going to give James a call to tell him the bad news about his boys.”
“Hey! James how are you.
“Very good, so what do you want?”
“I just want to tell you that your kid got in a car accident and they died.”
“What, you’re telling me that you killed my kids. How am I going to believe that you killed my kids”?
“I didn’t mean to I was chasing them and they got hit by a car, there was nothing I could do. I’m sorry”.
“ I don’t want you near my house, because I don’t want you to kill anybody else in my family.”

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