first part of Chapter 3 - A Mesmerizing Summer with Crooked Hearts

January 30, 2010
By Anonymous

CHAPTER 3 – Truth or Dare
We decided to spin a bottle to decide who would go first. Bundled up inside our sleeping bags, we tentatively watched Fletcher spin the bottle. The bottle landed at Madeira’s feet.
“Truth or dare?” Fletcher asked.
“DARE.” Madeira smirked at us. Madeira’s the type of girl I’d call energetic and daring. She’s very outgoing with her friends, but relatively quiet around strangers or anyone she doesn’t know well.
“Alright. You have to drink a cup of….KETCHUP!” Fletcher laughed hysterically at the image. Madeira’s face immediately transformed from a smirk to her plump lips frowning down upon us. Her blue eyes looked tense, because if there’s one thing Madeira hates, it has got to be ketchup.
Madeira slowly walked towards the door and I rushed to open it for her. Megan grabs some ketchup from the refrigerator and oozes it out into a glass. Madeira groans and sips it uneagerly as we observe her face. As Madeira gulped down the last of the ketchup, we all dart back into Fletcher’s room. Madeira willingly spinned the bottle and the new victim was Megan.
“Truth or dare???” Madeira questioned evilly.
“Truth.” Megan replied.
“Who’s your crush!?!” I blurted out. For so long I had been curious to know, but she wouldn’t let it out. Megan’s face blushed into a dark shade of red and she quietly whispered, “Nick Keller.”
We all gasped sarcastically. Hmmm, weren’t we all expecting that answer?
“Soooo, why did you pick him?” Fletcher investigated, pushing against Megan’s little bubble of secrets.
“He’s so sweet and gentle.”
I raised my eyebrows and glanced at her. “That’s why? Does he like you?”
“I don’t know. Probably not.” Megan replied blushing modestly.
“Pshhhttt ya right!!” Madeira exclaimed.
“What are you trying to say?” Megan asked suspiciously.
“You two like each other!” I answered confidently. Megan rolled her green eyes and spun the bottle, completely in denial.
The bottle spun swiftly and suddenly, I was the victim.
“Truth.” I claimed before anyone could ask.
“Well who’s your crush?” Megan retorted back at me. My face flushed and I could feel the blood rushing up to my cheeks. I mouthed the words, Neal Truman, slowly.
“OOOHHHH…” Madeira cooed at me.
“You like MY brother?” Megan asked with disbelief. Her face was bright red with anger.
“Well do you know any other Neal Truman???” I retorted angrily.
“Okay, well why do you like him?” Fletcher attempted to make peace amongst us. NOW my face was burning.
“He’s cute, smart, funny…” I trailed off.
“Ya. Ya. We get the point. You can stop making me wanna puke now.” Megan grumbled.
“So it isn’t obvious?” I questioned.
“A teeny bit.” Fletcher admitted.
“Oh,” I bit my lip, “does he like me back?”
“GEE I don’t know! I don’t go around asking my brothers…Neal OR Andrew if he likes one of my friends!” Megan stated.
“Lets switch the topic. And don’t bring Andrew into this, he’s only ten!” Madeira stated.
“Alright.” Megan and I claimed in unison. I knew Megan too well. She would stay offended and caught off guard for a bit, and then be cool about it.
“WAIT. Who else knows about this?” Megan questioned suspiciously.
“Only Talia and Amber.” I confirmed. I could trust my best friends with anything. As I spun the bottle, I couldn’t help but giggle as it almost landed on Madeira, who quickly pushed Fletcher in front.
“I know what you want to ask.” Fletcher rolled her eyes.
“We know that too…” I declared.
“But you swear not to tell anyone?” Fletcher confirmed.
“We swear!!!” We all cried in unison.
“My crush is Raffaele Pondoro. And YES, we almost kissed last month.”
“Why him??” Madeira urged on.
“Its kind of OBVIOUS.” Megan acknowledged. “All girls like him. He’s cute…I mean SEXY, and he’s got brains.”
“Don’t forget about his amaaaaaaaaazzzzing highlights!” Fletcher giggled.
I fell back into my sleeping bag and said, “Okay you guys lets take a break and watch a movie.”
“Fine.” They all agreed. We all ended up choosing Bourne Identity.
I volunteered to prepare the sundaes while Megan heated up the popcorn. Fletcher and Madeira rearranged our sleeping bags and pillows into a slightly more convenient setting. In 2o minutes we were munching on buttery popcorn and at the same time savoring mini sundaes with oreos caking the edges. Pillows surrounded us from all sides as we focused on Matt Damon’s sexy face flashing across the plasma screen. Just as expected, half way through the movie, Madeira and Fletcher were already fast asleep in their sleeping bags.
“I’m sorry about the whole Neal drama talk…” I confessed.
“Oh ya. So do you like him?” Megan raised her eyebrows.
“Megan, I can’t stop liking him. You should know that. When you have a crush, there’s much more than seeing who they are related to.”
“I guess your right…I was feeling so awkward though. It kind of just slipped out.”
“It’s cool.” I smiled and went back to staring at Matt Damon’s sexy face.

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Next part of chapter 3- comin up

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