Chapter 2 continued- A Mesmerizing Summer with Crooked Hearts

January 30, 2010
By , San Jos, CA
In a matter of minutes, the SUV parked in front of Fletcher’s house. HONK! HONK! Madeira was already at Fletcher’s house, because both of them strutted out together.
“Hey, you guys can drop your stuff for tonight off in my room.” Fletcher smiled with her blue eyes. Megan and I scrambled out of the car and left our belongings in Fletcher’s room. We took ten minutes doing so. As we sauntered back to the car, Fletcher demanded that Megan and Madeira sit on either side of her because they were best friends. I shrugged my shoulders and climbed in the back next to Neal as my heart pounded with delight.
FINALLY! We reached the circus and I froze in my seat. Clowns. Clowns. Clowns. Was I crazy being petrified by clowns? Or was I being crazy for choosing to go to a circus when I knew that clearly I was petrified by clowns. I suddenly felt frozen to the leather seats in Megan’s car. Neal squeezed my hand in a comforting way, having observed my cowardly face. Somehow I managed to prop myself up. As I jumped out of the car, I noticed I wasn’t holding Neal’s hand anymore. My heart skipped a beat and I think his did too.
Suddenly I was rushing to the entrance, well more of being dragged by Madeira’s awkwardly strong hands. As I strolled in, I finally regained my sense of surroundings. Fletcher’s preoccupied with her lengthy blonde hair and Madeira’s attempting to apply the last of her frosty lip gloss.
The sight was astonishing. Since we arrived early it seemed like we were “behind the scenes”. Tumblers, flips, various animals strutted across the stage. Megan and Neal took their seats next to me from each side. I smiled, knowing that I was the visible, thin barrier between them. In about 15 minutes, most of the crowd had claimed their seats, waiting attentively for the performances to start. I gasped as the curtains withdrew and an old, ugly magician appeared. I relaxed after realizing that it was NOT a clown. The show went on for a couple hours and I seemed to enjoy myself through every bit. Even the clowns…
As we climbed back into the car, Megan started, “So where to now?”
“Uhhhh….” Everybody’s minds seemed to go blank and Megan grumbled impatiently and demanded for Neal to pick.
“Red Lobster.” He smiled hungrily. I grinned, savoring the moment. Seafood is my FAVORITE.
Dinner was great! My stomach is definitely content, in fact bloated by all the shrimp scampi. Now I am at Fletcher’s house, laying out my comfortable sleeping bag.
“You guys lets play truth or dare!” I grinned mischievously.

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