The Boy who Cried Attention

February 2, 2010
By wetwilly1227 BRONZE, Port Saint Lucie, Florida
wetwilly1227 BRONZE, Port Saint Lucie, Florida
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The Boy who Cried Attention

Once upon a time, in the hurtful world of high school, there was a group of popular kids. These popular kids called themselves the “Brah Boyz Squad.” These Brah Boyz consist of Mark, Travis, Tom, and James. Every day at school, Brah Boyz would keep their eye out in the hall way to see if any kids were getting bullied. There job was to protect the geeks from getting beat up from the bullies.

RING!! RING!! Third period had ended, class was dismissed, and little Sam gathered his books and headed to his next class. Sam had just made it out of the hall way and notice the Brah Boyz Squad out of the corner of his eye. Sam was a poor boy; he hardly had any friends at school and not too many people even knew he existed. Sam had known that the Brah Boyz were very popular and they could be the one way for Sam to make a name for himself. Sam had pondered and thought of a brilliant idea.

“Help! Help!” cried Sam. “A bully is beating me up”! The Brah Boyz ran over to little Sam to save him from the bully. Little did they know that there was no bully.

The Brah Boyz then said “Sam! Don’t do that.” “We really thought there was a bully”. The Brah Boyz had then walked away as Sam giggled to himself.

RING!! RING!! Lunch had just finish. Sam had thrown away his food, gathered up his things and started heading to class. As he approached the class room door, he saw the Brah boyz once again; he then decided to pull one more act. “Help! Help! This bully is hurting me! Brah Boyz save me! The Brah Boyz had heard the noise and rushed over to find Sam. Once they saw Sam, they notice once again there was no bully in sight.

The Brah Boyz said, “Sam stop doing that! We really thought you were hurt!” Sam had once again giggled as the Brah Boyz walked away.

As the school day came to an end, Sam had gathered his things and walked down the school bus line hall wall. Typically, the bigger, stronger kids rode the bus, and that hallway was the cool place to hang. Sam was terrified walking down that hallway. One kid by the name of Aidan said

“Hey look! It’s that geeky kid Sam!” The other kids laughed at him. “Im going to give you a knuckle sandwich!”

Sam cried, “Brah Boyz, please save me!” The Brah Boyz had heard Sam but just figured he had just wanted attention again. Aidan had then beat up Sam in the hallway and then got on the bus. As Sam lied there whipping he thought to him, “Man, I’m never going to cry for attention again.”

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