January 29, 2010
By yomomma BRONZE, Tigard, Oregon
yomomma BRONZE, Tigard, Oregon
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The chubby 40-year-old pale as panda man walked onto the stage. His “balding spot” covered most of his head, although the back of his head was flowing with hair. Jim got onto a stage that had props on it and pushed another curtain out of the way to hear a waterfall of applause.

The stage was covered in red, orange and purple tape from the previous performances like a play or theatrical event. There was a MIC and a stool waiting for him to arrive at his post. When he got to his utensils and he set his water bottle on the chair and grabbed the MIC from the stand so he could move more freely. Jim started to thank everyone for coming to see him, but once he cracked his first joke people went silent and few people laughed. Although some people looked like they were tying to hold it in. So he tried to throw another one out there. It started to get so quiet that you could only hear one person laugh but even he was embarrassed by it because he quickly said afterwards “Who just laughed?!”

No one knew how he did it! The crowd was completely giddy and happy earlier just a second ago with one of their veterans that was on this stage but Jim shut them up! One he told another joke people started to leave…and those people were critics! It was weird, because ALL of his jokes were halarious. So their had to be soomething wrong, mabie it was the lazy eye or the eye booger dripping under his lively blue eyes. The audience obliviously knew what was wrong, but Jim didn’t. He started to sweat like a dog then more!

After the show Jim was walking off of the stage in shame. His manager walked over to him with the most stunned face ever, “that was, was-“ he managed to squeez out before jim cut him off.
“I know, I know I did horrible…”
“No you were remarkible!”
“But nobody was laughing.”
“Oh that? That’s just something they do to the first timers at the stage.”
“WOOOOOOOOOW!” Jim complained
“Yes! Yes!” Jims manager said
“Well done! Well done!” Someone said while clapping loud and slow
“Th, Thank you” Jim stumbled out.
“No! thank you!” Said Bob the Manager if giggles laughs.(The top comedy company in the world)
“Oh Your Bob arent you!” Jim said while Shaking his hand.
“Yes I am and you wer a hit!” Bob said
“Ya im just learning This” Jim said
“Well soon the whole world will soon Bob said.”Jim id like to offer you a contract with giggles Laughs.”
“I exept!!!!” jim screamed.
“Lets start you off with a LOW 20,000 a month?”
“Wow that’s a lot!”
“Jim you have Know that by the end of the year you could be making 10 million a second!”
Jims jaw dropped.
And so that was the start of a very succesfull comedian with a big opportunity ahead of him.

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I like motorcycles.

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