Dark Christmas

January 23, 2010
By Anonymous

I was there on christmas day. It was cold and dark. I was with my family.
It was the last time i seen them....or so i thought.

"Over here wai(v-y)!" my aunty cat called as i got off the plane and walked to the parking lot.
"Hi aunty cat." i replied as she gave me a big hug.
For the rest of the time we just kept quiet even though i knew that aunty cat wanted to ask me a ton of questions. Anty cat is my mothers sister in law or was at least untill my moms brother died. All the people related to me by blood are all dead. My mom, my dad, my sister, my brother, my moms mom,and her dad, even my moms brother, my dads mom, nad his dad, and his two sisters. All these people who was blood related to me all vanished. They are no longer here and i wont be able to see them any more.
But no matter wat every day i feel like they are right next to me and im afraid to look to my side for i feel as though if i see them i will never be happy. I wont be able to put a a good front. All the people who was related to my parents or my family not by blood all think i killed them. But thats just because im the only one alive and well. Or so they think.
Dont get me wrong i am 16 its been 3 years since my parents and my two little siblings died. and only now i move with my aunty cat after 3 years of harsh torment by my mom and dads friends. Aunty cat was still supressing the feeling of asking me so many questions. Wich frankly made me laugh. She looked at me then smiled.
"You know wai(v-y), im not going to be like the others so you can tell me anything at any time." she said smileing and watching the road.
"i know aunty cat. Its not that i dont want to tell you anything its just that i dont know what to tell you." i said hopeing shell catch on and start asking me questions. She soon figured it out and i was answering questions A.S.A.P .
"Well,we are here wai(v-y), this is my....i mean our home sweet home."
I looked up at the big huge house, it was an old mansion fixed up to look just like the mansions on mtv cribs. And as soon as i seen the hoouse i also sawn something else. It looked like a little girl running by.
"Aunty do you have any kids?" i asked still looking up at the window?
"No,none. why do you ask?"
"no it was just my imagination then. because i thought i saw someone through your window on the top floor." i said thinking i sound like a maniac. I looked at aunty cat who looked at me with an expression i could not read.
"Well thats okay lets get inside before it gets dark. okay?" she said sweetly trying to hide the panic she so verry much is showing.
I helped bring my loggedge in and put it in my new room. It was balck and blue....The two colors i like the most besides black and red.
"Do you like it? The room that is. It used to be the room your familly would always come in when they sleep over." aunty cat said.
"I love it....its really nice and just my style." i smiled at her. Even though these are the colors id prefer in any room i sleep in i felt like there was something in this room that just might kill me. although that could just be my miss understanding. Then aunty cat went out of the door whispering thinking i could not hear. sh said come out you'll scare her. I didnt know what she meant but as soon as she said that walking out the door,the scary feeling left with her.
i unpacked everything that i brought with me. I pulled out m cell phone and was writeing to my mystery pal. i dont know if its a girl or a boy. All i know is that he or she has always been there for me since the accident 3 years ago. Then as i sent the messege i got a call.
"Hello?" i answerd.
"This is your calling. Come join us now and save the trouble of us finding you." it was an old creepy man. Now normally i would be scared but heck i've been scared for 2 years after the inceddent and i swore i would never be scared again and i will keep to it.
"Look buddy im not comeing or going any where so dont ever call me again." after that it was silence as i hoped and wished for. Then i hung up my phone and turned on my computure.
"An e-mail how predictable." i said as i read the you must come bit they sent me. Then i was shocked. Aunty cat was comeing up the stairs and i turned off the computure thinking its not true and that its fake they only want me to come to them.
"Wai(v-y)! Are you there!? Its dinner time!" my aunty cat called as i opened my door.
Wait she's still down stairs then....then who was that i heard comeing up the stairs?
I was silent as i slowlly walked down the stairs and to the dinner table. It was silent all the way through the meal as though there was nothing else to talk about....but there was. I stood up and washed my own dishes and put them away. Then i excused my self properly and went up to my room. Jeez that made me look and sound like and old lady from the 50s to the 40s. I thought to myself as i walked into my room.
Then just like the i heard a knock at the door. I didnt go out and check but i knew....some how i knew it was a boy my age dressed in a suit and tie saying even though i was soft it was clear he was saying im home mom. Then aunty cat asked me to come down.
I walked down the stairs and looked at him. Then i looked from him and aunty cat. I remember him he is my aunty cats son the son that she had after cheeting on my uncle. I smiled.
" Hey there cousin. long ime no see. Last time i seen you, you was a little boy um....6 i believe i guess i forgot that aunty cat didnt have children she had a teen-age boy." i said smileing.
They looked at me with expressions i could not read.
"Hello...." he said.
"um whats your name again? i seem to have forgoten." i said with fake curiouse eyes.
Then he smiled. "Thats strange are you sure you dont remember? You loved to say my name so much yu promised you'd even be my bride." he was still smileing as i remembered his name and why i fell in love with it. It wasnt that i loved his name its that i loved him he was like a prince to me an object even i'd fall in love with along with every other girl.
"Im sorry i still do not remember....can you please tell me?" i said aceing the i dont remember card since i always used that as an excuse for 3 years.
His smile vanished and he looked as though he was angry. "My name is kai." he said bitterly.
Jeez dont go all wierdo just because i didnt remember your name....as far as you knew. I thought laughing in the inside. Then i grabed his arm smileing.
"Jeez dont get mad i did know your name and i even remember that when i said ill be your bride. it was the first day of summer brake and we was in a meddow by a small pond and we was picking flowers....well i was you made me a flower crown that you placed on my head. the sun was starting to set when you told me you'd have to leave this family and leave me. But then i started crying saying dont go. You told me that youd have to be married to me or my sister in order to stay. I hated the fact that you sujested my sister. I always thought i was your favorite so i said i was going to be your bride. And then after that me and you almost never left each others side untill i had to go." i told him smileing he was smileing to as he listend to the memory i had kept to my self.
He lifted up my chin and kissed my forehead saying "Thats right....but next time i want you to tell the truth when i ask you something after all you are my bride to be." he said laughing.
I smiled and aunty cat was like "okay,okay break it up. You can do that when im not home." she said laughing with hm and me.
It was bright and perfect just the type of family i wanted after my family died. Then i fell asleep but i woke up halfway seeing kai carrying me to my room. i clung to his shirt whisperig "dont go,kai can you sleep with me." And again even without looking i knew he was smileing and nodded.
Then i was on my bed and i could feel him next to me hugging me as if i was the love of his life. He was whipering a tune that i used to love a long time ago in my ear then he changed it up to a beat i would love even if i was to young to understand. But some how i felt as though i knew this tune as well but none of my memories of us sleeping together ever had him humming this tune. Wierd i thought to myself. Then i fell into a dark and deep sleep.
When i woke up i was only in a panty and bra. I looked at kai who was only in a pair of pants.
"Kai....kai. wake up." i whisperd to him as i shaked him to wake up. Then he draged me down and had me laying down on him. he woke up and was looking at me. I blushed and sat up but as i sat up i noted i was on him. One leg on one side and the other leg on the other side. And i was on his....you know his thing. Even though there was a pant over it as soon as i sat on it....it poped up adn i couldnt think let alone move. And he sat up and huged me automatically my hands raped arouond his neck and i kissed him. He kissed back and thats where it all went down. After that kiss i thought we would never stop untill....untill he pulled away. I looked at him as he sighed.
"No we cant do that not now." he said as he gave me one quik kiss.
"Okay," i said as i pulled away i looked at the clock and said "2 hours untill school starts. Im gonna get ready first and go with or without you." As i looked at him he seembed angry.

The author's comments:
sorry its not done yet ill finish it and add it on sorry

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