I Don't Know Where I'm Going

January 27, 2010
By Anonymous

“What you did was wrong. You had no right to do that! Look at how you hurt your mother. You were way out of line with this. You have no reason to get anyone involved. This is our problem. Do you want to live with a stranger?
“Well, you’ll get the consequence to your actions. You are to stay in that chair until six and you’re leaving and never coming back. This isn’t my idea. It’s your mom’s idea.” After he said that he got up and went to his truck to take my sister to his son’s baseball game so she won’t know what’s going on.
My mom went into the garage to smoke, as usual. My heart’s racing. I didn’t do anything. I never knew a person could cry so much. I don’t want to leave. Well I do, but I don’t want to leave my sister. I acted like I was getting water from the fridge outside to see if I had enough time to make a call.
She wasn’t even half way done with her cigarette. When I closed the door, I ran to the phone and dialed the social worker’s number. “Hello?” she answered.
“It’s me, Elena. My mom and her boyfriend said I’m going away and never coming back.” I was crying so much she barley understood me.
“Calm down. I can barely understand you.” It took a few seconds to relax, mostly. I needed to be quick so I can tell her before my mom comes.
“My mom said at six I’m going away and never coming back again.”
“Let me talk to your mom, please.”
“She doesn’t know I’m on the phone. I’m supposed to be on the chair until then.”
“I need to be at a kid’s house right now with the police. Can’t you call someone else?”
“No.” Right then, my mom came in. I looked at her and said, “She wants to talk to you.”
She looked mad. “Who?” she asked.
“The social worker.” She took the phone and slammed it back on the receiver.
She looked at me with eyes full of hatred and said; “You think you’re so slick.” Then, she sat down next to the computer and started messing with some stuff so I decided to go back to the chair.
A few minutes later my mom came and was walking to the garage and said, “Grab your stuff, let’s go.” I grabbed the only things I had; witch was my hat and backpack from school. She drove a little bit. Someone called her and she was laughing and told whoever to hold on so she can pull over. She stepped out of the car and was talking to the person for a little while.
I could just take the buckle off and run. She won’t be able to catch me. Plus, I know where to go. But should I do that. I mean, it would mean I get away from her. Before I got a chance to get out, she came back in the car. Surprisingly she turned around. When we were back in the driveway she said, “Go grab your toothbrush, brush, and some clothes, and don’t take any games with you.”
I got out and ran to my room and found a trash bag I had in my closet. I started putting whatever I could get my hands on in it. Before I left I wrote a note for my little sister and put it in my twilight book that was on her bed. I also called my dad and left a message. I don’t know where I’m going, so might as well get prepared.
My mom was waiting in the car. “Took you long enough,” she said as soon as I got back in the car. She asked if I was hungry, and I said kind of then she practically yelled the question at me. This time I said sure and she went to Dell Taco. After that, she started driving again. “Aren’t you going to eat?” she asked. I thought it would be best to keep my mouth shut, so I just started eating. I recognize this road. It leads to the gas station where she and my dad meet to drops me and my little sister off when we switch weekends.
She went to the gas station, parked, and just waited. About 10 minutes later, my dad pulled up. I couldn’t believe it. All that drama for this? I got out and stepped in my dad’s truck. He waited till she was gone before he started to drive. The only thing he said was, “You’re in a better place now.” The rest of the ride was just the radio.
When we got home, my dad took a shower so we could go to Wally World. (That’s what we call Wal-Mart.) He just got off work when he picked me up. We had to go to Wally World to get some stuff that I need. When I was grabbing stuff, I didn’t really grab anything since I didn’t know where I was going.

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