Thanksgiving Table

January 18, 2010
By Anonymous

The food is cooked and ready to get eating by everyone. Its so quiet that you can hear the seats crackle because everyone just wants to eat their food that they have been waiting for.. The white plates with the roses on them are ready to get pounded with food. All silverware are silver with a signature symbol that makes a crown. The glasses which will soon be filled with drink are sparkling because they are so clear. The whit perfectly folded white napkin with a diamond design is getting ready to be used by everyone. In the middle of the table u see a big centerpiece of roses which goes perfectly with the plates. All of this above an old wood table which has a beautiful table cloth which has a diamond pattern all in white looking so perfect until the second everyone stars eating and the tablecloth gets destroyed with all stains of food and drinks. Everything looks so perfect right when the centerpiece is removes and gigantic turkey get placed down the table and the smells just make u want to jump on top of the table and start eating it with your hands but you wait for the right moment. The brown luscious turkey placed right in the middle that makes everyone stare. Then the sides are place on the still white tablecloth. The corn is cooked to perfection with the right amount of crunch and the cranberries couldn’t be any better. The stuffing is mostly breadcrumbs which makes it fantastic to eat and have a delicious taste. All of this amazing food is devoured by the eaters who were starving and now just want dessert. Everyone’s plate, silverware and all of the food was token off the table and now all you see is the white tablecloth that is now full of stains. The dessert is places on the table and everyone stops and gets ready to eat again. The cakes are lightly brown with vanilla ice cram and rainbow sprinkles. There is an assortment of cookies that will be gone in about 10 seconds. The pies are cooked to perfection and looked like they were made by professionals. Each pie is a different flavor which makes it fun to eat. All of this food devoured by people who were once starving and now they are full.

The author's comments:
This how I would decribe my thanksgiving table.

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