“The Shiniest Star in the Sky”

January 18, 2010
By , culver, IN
I own a star in the sky! Since I was very young I have said I own the brightest and shiniest star of the night. That star has a lot of meaning for me because when I was younger, my grandfather passed away, and every single time I see the star I think of him. I live near the beach where the sky is clear and the stars are visible every night.
I always enjoyed going to the patio, lying down on the sofa, and talking to my grandpa. I knew he couldn’t answer me but I knew I had someone to talk to and I knew he would hear me. I never told my parents about talking with a star, connecting it with my grandfather because they might think me crazy or they just wouldn’t understand. One day when I was ten years old, I felt the weight of many problems; even as I now realize these were unimportant. One problem may have been a fight with my sister and another may have involved a new doll I wanted which my parents didn’t want to buy. Whatever these were, I needed someone to talk with and I knew my grandpa would always be there. When he passed away, my dad told me he was going to heaven and would be watching over me, and whenever I needed him I should look up, and he would be there. I associate him with the brightest star because of that.
I think about my star a greater deal, since I am satisfied with what I have accomplished. I introduce my star to everyone who has a spot in my heart and explain how much it means to me, even though they may not understand.
Today, that same star has a deeper meaning for me, associated with happiness. This connects the star I share with another special person and I have shared my star with him because of its importance to me.
On a clear night, I now look up searching and I smile. It doesn’t matter where I am or who I am with - my star and the happiness it brings are with me forever.

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