Because I Love You

January 17, 2010
I'll be waiting.

Waiting for my father to finally come through.

Through with his promise.

To take me away, to where we wanted to go since I was 4.

Each day, for 10 years, I've been waiting on the patio for hours daydreaming.

Daydreaming about Atlantic City.

That was our favorite movie, you know. The Wizard of Oz. My dad would call me Dorothy. She was my favorite. I was his favorite.

But now, everything has changed. He and my mom got a divorce. Ever since, I've been stuck with her replacement, Scott. He's nice, I guess. If you like show tunes blasting in your ear all day. He claims he's gonna be on TV one day.

I doubt it. If anything, he would be on TV for America's Most Wanted. I bet you he'd do something stupid enough.

But not my dad. My real dad.

He promised me we'd run off, and leave Scott to clean up our dust.

"We'll leave one of these days, kiddo. I promise. Atlantic City. I can't wait. I saw pictures before, it's beautiful."

My mom would sigh, "Don't you give her promises you can't keep."

"Hey, have I ever kept her hopes up for more than two days?"

Yes, daddy. Yes, you have.

But I don't care. I'll wait. Because I love you.

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