Sole Custody

January 16, 2010
The day grew dim as the clouds covered the sky. It was nearly night. Bill Hamerson checked his watch. It was half past nine. He went back inside and lay down. He looked out his window and saw a wall that was covered in graffiti. A man was walking by the wall when suddenly an explosion occurred in the spot where he was. Bill flung out of bed to look at this and saw a woman run over holding a rocket launcher. She turned and he saw it was Brianna Stone, a part of the female dictatorship.

He ducked to not be seen by Brianna. He knew that any man who was in any possible way associated with any crime would immediately be destroyed. Usually they would incinerate them, but they often used rocket launchers.

He crawled back into his bed and tried to sleep away the sight of another victim of the dictatorship that ruined the lives of men.

Jessica Folsom was standing in the white house, watching as they burned a painting of George Washington that was hanging inside of the white house. She walked back in and Britney Simpson walked up to her.

“There was a man near a wall covered in graffiti,” she said “we took him out.”

“Good,” said Jessica. “One less of those disgusting vermin on this planet.”

“Why are you burning the painting of George Washington?” asked Britney.

“He was a man,” said Jessica. “I refuse to see a man where I live.”

Jessica walked back into her office and looked out the window. She looked at the flag, a flag based on the Feminazi logo.

The world is a better place, she thought. No matter what the men may believe, our female run world is the way it should be.

William Cartman walked into the meeting in Bill’s basement. There he saw Bill, Phillip Daniels, and Stewart Plasma. They were all gathered around a table and had all the windows blacked out, all the doors locked heavily, they were all armed with machine guns and explosives. William put his Uzi on the table along with two grenades.

“We need a plan of attack,” said Bill.

“How do you suppose we do that?” asked Phillip. “How are we gonna attack them? The majority of the god damn world is against us on this.”

“Would you rather us sit back and watch all the men in the world die?” asked Bill. “Would you rather die for being a man, or die for being a hero?”

“I know, but isn’t the idea of attacking to defeat them and save the world?” asked Phillip.

“We are trying,” said Bill, “this battle plan is to help us succeed. Now, thanks to our rats, we know that the leader of the dictatorship, Jessica Folsom, uses the white house. Because she is the leader, she uses the former president’s office. Behind the chair is a window. It is heavily guarded, so we will place people here, here, and here.”

He rights an X over where the three people will be planted around a drawing of the white house.

“Now we have each one with a sniper and will give them extra boxes of ammo. As a backup weapon, you will each receive machine guns, in case the guards go after them. The one in the middle will aim at her when she sits down in her office. If they alert the guards, they will start running towards them, firing their weapons. This is when the other two kill the guards with their weapons. Afterwards there will be many guards coming, most likely including the other two leaders, Britney and Brianna. When that happens, the one furthest to the right will run back to the vehicle, where there will be an RPG and twenty rockets. He will take that gun and bring it down to where they are fighting. He will fire the RPG and kill as many as possible in one shot, and if there are more left, reload and fire again. Does everyone understand?”

They all nod.

“I will assign all of you to your positions. The last one will stay here with a radio just in case we need backup.”

Bill, Phillip, and William were driving down the street. A policewoman pulled them over and started shooting at them with a pistol. Bill jumped out of the car and shot her in the head. He looked behind her and saw twelve cop cars behind her. The women inside of them pulled out pistols, shotguns, and machine guns. They started shooting at the car and Bill got back in.

“Hand me a machine gun!”

William reaches back and gets Bill an AK-47. Bill leans out the window and starts shooting at them. He manages to kill most of them before getting back in the car and driving away.

“They know our plan,” said Bill.

“How?” asked Phillip.

“There must be a rat,” said Bill. “I know we kept everything a secret. There’s no other way they could have found out.”

Bill stopped the car in the woods near the white house. They each pulled out snipers and machine guns. They stuck grenades in their coats.

“Let’s move out,” Bill said.

Everybody went into position. Phillip was in the middle, Bill was on the side, and William was on the other side.

They basically went to plan, up until when William turned and shot Phillip in the head, killing him immediately.

“You son of a b****!” He said and shot at him, resulting in Bill being shot in the stomach. Bill dropped his gun and fell to his knees.

“William, they’ll kill you,” said Bill. “They won’t care, you’re a man.”

“We’ll see,” said William.

Bill dropped to the ground as the world faded to nothingness.

William walked into Jessica’s office and threw Bill’s dead body onto her table. Brianna and Britney tried to pull him out of the room, but Jessica gestured them to stop. They stood to the side and watched.

“The resistance is dead,” said William. “This is their leader.”

“You killed them all?” she said.


“Well, do you know what the punishment is when a man commits murder?”

She pulls out a magnum.

“Just last year, 2010, this law was established.”

She aims the gun at his heart.

“Say goodbye to you’re heart.”

William looked at his heart and remembered the grenade that he put in his jacket earlier.

“Knock yourself out.”
She shot him right in the heart and all the grenades went off. The explosion killed everybody in the room, the only trace left being the ruins of the building. The charred Feminazi flag still waved in the breeze, but the dictatorship had ended. The men left alive were able to go about their normal days without fear of being killed for the absolute worst reasons.
Out of chaos comes order. This was no different. Because William had created such chaos, he created order accidentally.

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