Sinning and Smiling (Part 3 of Popular and Alone)

January 16, 2010
The school was an upheveal.Blood had been found in the alley. And Cass was missing. News crews did stories and the worried parents wrote in the newspaper. Mrs. Angelina Brander was furious. She punched hole sin the walls, tore at her hair and paced the room muttering wicked sinister things. "When a little go-all-the-way drunken druggie is missing they talk all about it! The put it in the paper! When MY SON dies he doesn't get talked about! He wasn't missed!" she screamed to the ceiling. She packed her knife and decided today she would act. She brushed her hair and walked into class smiling. "Hello students!" she said in a singsong voice. A tall thin girl with long black hair and grey eyes walked in. "Hi, I'm Cora. I'm new." she said shyly. Mrs. Brander smiled and took the pass. "You can sit next to Mr. Burnturn. Tell us about yourself!" Mrs. Brander said smiling. Cora went to the seat and sat down. "I just moved here from Juneau, Alaska. I like to read and listen to music. I play the piano." Cora said shyly looking down at the desk and blushing. "Very nice! Alrighty class-Mr. Burnturn!" she said sharply. He tired to hide the phone in his desk but Mrs. Brander walked over briskly and took it. She smiled and said "That means you'll have to see me after school!". He sighed and rubbed his arm. Micheal Burnturn was a buff jock with rippling muscles and cropped dull gold hair and glassy green eyes. His forearm was covered in holes from injecting heroine. Mrs. Brander skipped back to the board and finnished class. Micheal bumped into Cora on the way out. "Sorry." he mumbled and helped her with her books. Cora nodded and they walked off. Meanwhile very late after school, about the same time Cass had met her fate, Micheal sat in the same chair, facing Mrs. Brander. "Hey, I knew your son." Micheal said suddenly. Mrs, Brander's hands clenched."Oh?" she asked softly. "Yeah. We chilled after school. He was cool. Sorry about him dying." he said honestly. Mrs. Brander stood and got him three little purple pills and a glass of water. "Here you go Micheal. It will help with your headache." she said in a sickeningly sweet voice. He arched his eyebrows. "What headac-" she cut him off by digging her nails into either side of his jaw and throwing the pills in. He struggled but she was surprisingly strong. She managed to pour most of the water glass down his throat. Slowly he stopped moving and his eyes shut. She threw the body out the window and packed up. She said farewell to the janitors and to Mr. McCallion, the principal and walked out of the school and into the alley. She drew the knife and smiled as he regained consiousness. "Ah good. Your awake. I'd hate for you to miss this." Mrs. Brander said cackling. Dizzly he looked up at her from his postion on his back on the floor. Her pink heels click clacked over and she held it above his stomache. She whispered into his ear "This is for my son." and stabbed down. She covered his mouth with a cloth and he screamed and convolsed bleeding to death slowly. She pulle dout the knife and cleaned it. She undid the bricks she had loosened during her lunchbreak and stood him up next to Cass. She opened a large lunchbox with Barney on the front and injected the heroine into all of his visable skin. She gently replaced the bricks, took her knife and exited the alley through the back, humming a showtune. Luckily she never saw the tall pale green eyed face watching with horror from the small coffee shop on the otherside of the alley. She went home and crossed Micheal Burnturn's name off in pink ink and adjusited her pleasnet pink tweed jacket and skirt. She kissed the knife and hid it inside her mattress then sobbed for hours in fornt of a picture of her son. Meanwhile three houses over, a young redheaded girl was spending her last night alive watching a soap opera with her mom, unaware of what Mrs. Angelina Brander had in store for her the next day

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Queen-of-Sarcasum13 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 25, 2010 at 7:32 pm
to anyone who read this.... anyone think i should finnish this or give up now?
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