Yasmin Brown and Her Glasses

January 15, 2010
By Sonny555 PLATINUM, Oyster Bay, New York
Sonny555 PLATINUM, Oyster Bay, New York
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When Yasmin got to school, she was very unhappy. Almost everyone made fun of her for her glasses. Though she still looked beautiful with her long, black hair, skinny, tan body, and medium height.
"Hey, it's the geek!" shouted Diane Watson, the most popular girl in school. She was the leader of the popular crowd at McKay High School in Boston, Massachusetts. She was almost as pretty as Yasmin with her tall height, waist length, brown hair, and baby blue eyes.
"Let's laught at her," said Salina Williams, another popular girl.
The whole school laughed at Yasmin as she walked to her locker. When class started, she ran to the girl's bathroom, and weeped. She later went to class after she stopped crying.
"Yasmin Brown, why are you late?" asked Mr. Sylvester, Yasmin's English teacher.
"I was crying in the girl's room," answered Yasmin. "Everyone makes fun of me because I wear glasses."
"Well I'm sorry to hear that," said Mr. Sylvester. "But I've got good news."
He pointed to a short girl with bobbed, red hair and glasses. The girl stood up.
"Yasmin, this is Cecelia Roberts," Mr Sylvester.
"Another student who wears glasses? How wonderful," said Yasmin happily.
Yasmin and Cecelia became friends. From that point on, no one ever teased Yasmin about her glasses again.

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