Fall Leaves

January 22, 2010
Floating, gliding slowly in a sly and cunning manner towards the earth; it’s here, then there, and then back again, indecisive in its movement, carried with the wind. Fragile like a piece of paper, it soars through the air with ease and in a moment of stillness gains speed, hurdling toward the soft ground below. Chlorophyll, carotene, majestic shades of yellow, red, and orange fill the air as the invasion begins. Little red parachutes bump into yellow chutes that are forced into orange chutes, until they blend smoothly to form a sheet, a woven sail flapping in the breeze. A whirlwind of colors plummets through the air and blots out the blue backdrop. A train car overflowing with color speeds down the tracks, a sharp bend in the track is followed shortly by a flurry of reds and yellows and oranges. As the train slows gliding into the station, a rustle of color bursts out of the car and then settles like a warm blanket onto the landing dock. Big people, little people, tall people, short people, people of every size, shape, and color wander about the loading zone with little purpose, unconfident in their movement, simply moseying around on the platform. This is the paratroopers’ final destination, home sweet home at last, a feeling of belonging sweeps over them.


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