The deep secret

January 21, 2010
One day four girl by the named of Margaret, Elisabeth, Joan and Sophia were gathering around to play cards. These girls have been friends since they were children. Those these girl have known each other for a long time one of them held an inner most secret.Margret had a secret that none know about and no one was to know about.Margret dressed in fine silk shirts and dresses. She wore rose red lipstick with a red ribbon in her hair .the secret was ht Margaret killed her husband .It all started 2 years ago Margaret was with Elisabeth they were on there way to meet up with Joan and sophina. They were all walking to Joan’s house to play a game of poker. An hour had passed and Margaret decided to go home everyone offered a ride but she wanted to walk. As Margaret was walking home she noticed a women with dark hair and a blue cotton dress walking out of her house. When she was walking up to her door she looked back at the women one last time and proceeded inside She walked up to her husband and kissed him on the cheek and asked “Brandon who was that women who just left here?” Brandon was silent for a moment till he said “she was a friend from work here to help me with a proposal”. Margaret believed him as she walked up the stairs to her bedroom .She removed the gold earrings and also removing the necklace and then took her hair out of he ribbon. After brushing her hair with light strokes she went to change. When she was done she had went downstairs to prepare for dinner. Finally with dinner done it was time to do the dishes. She lifted one of her clean glass plates to take a glance at her reflection. As she looked she saw herself a women with pale skin and blue eyes that sparkle with a splash of green and thin candy apple red lips. See saw in the background her husband sitting down watching TV. She pondered was that really a women from work her to help with a presentation. She finished the dishes. Then went to set the table for tomorrow the girls are coming over to play a game of cards. Margaret in joyed the company of her friend she felt that she had no need to impress them. The very next day the doorbell rang Margaret rushed to the door ready to greet her friend.w2hen she opened the door she saw it was not Elisabeth, Joan or sophina but the women from the other day. She wore a red shirt with a gray overcoat and skirt. Her lips were hot pink and she had long blonde hair with green eyes. Her skin was pale white and in the sun it gleamed or shimmered. Margaret defined her as the definition of beautiful. The women introduced herself “hello i'm jennaeve i'm a friend of Brandon’s I wok with him at the office”. Margaret responded with “hi jennaeve in Margaret Brandon’s wife”. Margaret was happy to know that Brandon was telling the truth but she was still suspicious. She had announced to jennaeve that Brandon had left for some drinks with his friends.jennaeve asked in a polite maner.”Can u tell me where he is Mrs. Margaret”? Margaret rose on eyebrow and said, “He is at the pudgly bar on forth avenue”. Jenneve said goodbye and headed for the car.margret said goodbye and shut the door. A few moment later the doorbell rang again.margret opened the a little to see who was there. Without any warning Elisabeth pushed the door open and walked in along with Joan and sohina.she yelled out”margret we are here, where are you”? Margaret moved the door from in front of her to show where she was. “I’m here she said, Elisabeth turned around with a surprised face and say “I’m so sorry Margaret I didn’t know u were there”. She proceeded to apologize but Margaret said it was the day went on the four girls talked play cards and had a great time. Till Margaret sat up from her seat and yelled”im so stupid”. Sophina asked what she meant Margaret told her “I sent jennaeve to where Brandon was”. Margaret told the girls that she had to go and she was really sorry. She let her friends out said goodbye and ran to the car. She drove for about 10 minutes and then finally reached the bar. She peered thought the window and saw Brandon’s back. She walked thought the door only to see jennaeve kissing him.margret screamed “Brandon how could you “she walked up t him and slapped him in the face. Leaving a red mark and turning away and whispering “you will regret this”. She left and now was awaiting his arrival. As she stood at the table with his poisoned food she was trying to hold back her anger. Brandon walked thought the door thinking of the consequences but not knowing what was a store. Margaret see’s him and invites him to eat. Brandon sits down and takes the first bite of his food and drops to the floor. Margaret checks for a pulse and there was nothing. She stood over Brandon’s dead body and said, “I told you, you would regret this”.

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