Cape Cod to Hollywood Part 1

January 26, 2010
By TheScene SILVER, Brackenridge, Pennsylvania
TheScene SILVER, Brackenridge, Pennsylvania
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I never imagined that my life would take me to Hollywood and even beyond; but it did. I was born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Living in a small town made it easy for me to know when I was being lied to... just because I grew up with every person there and no one would want to move to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I started singing in school talent shows when I was in kindergarten. I was always told that I could sing and that one day I would be in a musical or something like that and not a musical that you put on at school; a Broadway musical. My first impression on my small town was amazing, or at least that is what I’ve heard. Each time that I would sing in public I would have the reddest face and the redness wouldn’t go away. I still have that problem today but now I have FABULOUS make-up artists who can make my face look fine. I never went to singing lessons and I never had anyone to teach me to act or sing. My small town school never had acting, theater, or chorus classes. My mom taught me everything up until she died when I was 12. After that I taught myself everything. I had been performing in talent shows for five years before I was finally discovered by a producer who was in town trying to find a place that they could shoot their movie. I never would have been discovered if I hadn’t been a major lead in the musical that my school had been putting on and we had a performance in the spot that this producer wanted to shot his movie at. As soon as he saw how I could act and how I could sing he was stuck in that theater.
At first I sang a couple of songs that I had written and he got them to be played on a few radio stations. Everyone in my small town expected me to be in Hollywood within a few days. But sadly the world didn’t like my singing or my image as much as my friends and family did. Slowly I became more popular. My songs were being played on more and more radio stations and then I was the newest addition to the Hollywood manifest… but to be honest I didn’t really want to be. I had always wanted to be a singer/author/actress but I never actually knew that my dream would come true I mean no one has their dreams come true but mine did… or at least it was starting to I had become a singer that people knew… soon I would be asked to be in movies making my acting dream come true and then I would start publishing the stories that I had been writing for years… just hoping that some part of my dream would come true. Hollywood was nothing like the small town of Cape Cod. There was always traffic and there were so many people. Most people would say that the hardest part of Hollywood is settling in but the truth is that the hardest part is staying in Hollywood. There are so many people there and everything relies on what the other people of the world think. With one bad word you could end up like Brittany Spears; alone and bald. It is such a hard job. About a month after we moved to Hollywood I was asked to do a full cover layout for a very popular magazine. But my weirdo dad said that I was too young to do this layout and that maybe when I was older I could but he doesn’t realize that I’m 16 and I’m fine I can make my own decisions. After I turned down the magazine layout there were hundreds of agents who wanted to be mine so that they could convince me to do every magazine and movie offer that I got. Day after day my dad explained to the agents that I didn’t want their help. Finally we had to change our phone number and even move… but the moving was kind of obvious. Before I knew it I was the girl that everyone either wanted to be or wanted to be best friends with. For every boy I was the pin-up poster that they kissed every night and morning. I could never go anywhere without fans crowding me and I just couldn’t have a normal life. I tried and tried but each time I failed. Finally I just gave up and led the life of a huge time star. My father started letting me do interviews and magazine layouts but he still wouldn’t let me appear on T.V. I still don’t know why today. Once I was allowed to do interviews and things like that I never had a free moment. Every magazine and radio station in the country wanted to have my story for all of their listeners and readers to know. After 6 months of nonstop traveling around the country I finally had a break and my lame dad wanted to go back home… I told him that he could go home and I would stay in Hollywood with my oldest sister for the rest of the year so that he had time to calm down before he rushed back into the Hollywood scene. Sadly he said no and I was stuck with him. If only I had my mom with me still I would be able to stay in Hollywood with her and he would go back to Cape Cod… far, far away from me… I never really liked him he was just annoying. But I was stuck with him… for all of my life he was my parent and I had no way to escape him. Not long after my big break and first interviews I got a nickname though I’m not sure how I got it but I got it. I was no longer Sophia Montgomery I was Happi S.M. I don’t really understand why I got the name “Happi” but I never know how the world works. Every magazine, radio, and T.V. station in the country was calling me Happi S.M. it was like I had my own alias but I was there plain as day. Following my success I found tragedy… my father had found out that he had cancer… and that it was inoperable. The day that I found out was the day it hit the media… but I found out about it from the media. It wasn’t much of a shock to me that my dad didn’t tell me; I had just gotten popular and he knew that it made me happy. He had expected my career to go downhill because I could get it too. But to even my surprise my popularity just got bigger… at every concert I had cancer societies collecting money and I had found out that many of the cancer patients in the world were now fans of mine just because my dad had cancer. But having all the popularity didn’t make me forget about my dad’s cancer… everywhere I turned I was reminded of it… the covers of magazines and even on the radio… I just couldn’t escape it. What ever I did I had a doctor or nutritionist behind me making sure that I was being healthy and that I wouldn’t get cancer like my dad had. Each day my dad got sicker and sicker but he wouldn’t admit to any pain. Just for the sake of my sisters and I. He would give us more leeway and would let us go out with our friends more often. He kept acting fine but we all new that deep down he was in so much pain that he could be rolled up in a ball withering in pain. For nine months he acted happy until the day he just couldn’t do it anymore. We rushed him to the hospital. But it was too late… about half way there he was dead. For about a month after he died my sisters and I had reporters following us around… constantly at our house… trying to find out how we felt about our mother and father’s deaths. We stuck together and didn’t tell any reporters about anything… I stopped recording songs, being on talk shows, and being interviews. I just went into hiding for a while. My name started to appear less and less in papers and radio shows. Until one day it was like I fell off the face of the Earth. Roughly a year following my father’s death my sisters and I decided to move back to our small house in Cape Cod. But when we started to bring moving trucks to the house there were reporters that followed them and then we were back in the headlines. “ Sophia Montgomery and family… Moving???” Every paper and talk show in the country was talking about my odd and sudden move… but what the reporters didn’t realize was that nothing was sudden and that we had thought this over very, very thoroughly. We were going to move whether they liked it or not. Ten reasons why I need to move and why the reporters are wrong…
I am old enough to make my own decisions.
Reporters are always wrong
My dad just died in the house that I live in
I liked not being in all of the papers
My life already has too much drama… I don’t need anymore
It’s not like I get any money living in Hollywood I would still be recording music… just not in Hollywood
It’s my life… I do what I want
Reporters never take the time to look into things or to find out how things really happened
I like my hometown
Nothing is going to change

The day my first CD came out I sold 123,234,987 copies, the most copies anyone has ever sold in one day. The reporters were all shocked that I sold so many CDs and didn’t even live in Hollywood. The more my songs were played on the radio the more CDs I sold and the more money I earned. And then there was the day that I changed how the entire country looked at me. The day I turned 21 I took all the money that I had earned off of my CD and donated it to a breast cancer association, a homeless shelter, and a research company. I went from being a Wanna be celebrity to a normal celebrity. But I wasn’t like the other people my age. I was always attending benefit events and other charitable causes. Even though I was doing a good thing and getting other people to join and donate to these causes. But the reporters kept persisting that I had an ulterior motive and that it was something else that was making me do this. They said that I was trying to snag a new guy or that I was trying to find a new way to make money but they were all wrong I just wanted to help find a cure to breast cancer and I wanted to help others. I had never seen so many reporters try to make a story out of something good. I was the butt of all jokes in magazines on talk and radio shows and even in everyday conversations. Each day I would try to do something even better for the people of the world, the environment, or any other type of organization that was trying to help the world or the people of the world.

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This is just the begining

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