January 24, 2010
By AeirzHead SILVER, Miami, Florida
AeirzHead SILVER, Miami, Florida
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"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

Ina set to making Emma’s bed, humming a sweet easy tune to herself. Emma was in the bathroom getting ready to go to school and Ina was her ride, as usual. The sound of water smacking porcelain reached her ears and, for just a moment, a vivid image of Emma naked and dripping with suds and warm water flashed behind her eyes. She shook her head violently to dispel the sinful thought. It was only the sink, not the shower. She finished making the bed just as she heard the bathroom door open.

Emma walked in fully dressed sponging her face with a white towel, her hair soft, red, and curly at her shoulders. The tank top she was wearing was fairly tight and there was a generous amount of cleavage bursting over the neckline, but the jeans hung baggy from her waist. Ina smirked and wolf whistled at Emma as she threw the towel in the hamper in the closet. She raised an eyebrow at Ina.

“What?” She asked innocently. Ina forced a light laugh and eyed her chest daringly.

“That shirts a bit tight, isn’t it?” Emma rolled her eyes and walked over to her closet, grabbing a black hoody and pulling it on, zipping it up just high enough to show she was wearing a dark red tank top underneath, cleavage still swelled below her chin.

“Better?” Emma extended her arms to her sides and gave a slight twirl to give Ina a full view of her outfit. Ina sucked on her teeth looking her up and down, half in slight confusion and half in complete adoration…...maybe an eighth in unattainable hope.
“You look……” Ina’s eyes drifted back to Emmas cleavage as a forein warmth crept over her cheeks. “gutsy……..i’ve never seen you show so much.” She couldn’t help but control the jealousy in her voice. Emma was oblivious to it, her cheeks flaring a deep scarlet with some hidden secret.
“Yeah…well….” She muttered turning to scramble through the jewelry on her dresser. Ina bit her bottom lip, her eyes flicking to the alarm clock on the dresser…6:34….they still had a fair amount of time…..maybe enough time to get Emma to change before those horny teenage boys got a hold of her?
“Whatcha think?” Emma turned around fastening a silver necklace around her neck, a small black stone hung dangerously close to her breasts. Now Ina knew something was up….maybe it was what she’d always wanted? But she refused to let herself hope.
“It certainly draws the eye.” Ina swore she must have glowed at the words as if she had just told her she was the most breathtaking creature she’d ever touched.
Ina moved close with a staged mischievous grin as she slid a finger between Emmas cleavage, pulled the neckline forward – revealing more than enough to please Inas fantasies for months – and let it snap back. Emma winced and rubbed where the fabric had stung her chest.
“So whos all this for, hot stuff?” Emma blushed fiercely at the nickname and gave a guilty shy shrug and turned to grab a thin brand new Nike bag instead of her old ratty messengerbag. Clearly, she didn’t want the strap to interfere with her cleavage. So she had planned this out.
Ina smirked and ran full force into Emmas back, knocking them both to the ground. Hard. Emma cried out and Ina wrestled easily with her as she flipped her over aggressively yet carefully, though Emma’d never know it, and pinned her firmly by her wrists on the floor. Ina could feel Emmas body pulse violently between her thighs as her chest rose and fell rapidly. Both stared at each other wide eyed, Ina with lust, Emma with confusion and a tinge of fear.
After minutes Emma’s breath slowed and she opened her mouth to speak, but before the words she had in mind could leap from her tongue, Ina leaned down placing her lips on Emmas exposed chest. She could feel Inas breathe seeping into her skin and Emmas heart throbbed unevenly violent against her ribs.
“Whos the cleavage for, Em?” The words drifted so thick and moist against Emma, she didn’t think it was a question. All she could manage was a stutter.
“I..uh..um…Ina…its….um…I’m not…..” Ina started gently nuzzling her chest and light kisses began making their way sweetly up Emmas jaw. She gasped hesitantly as she met Ina’s eyes, glazed with passion, dulled of all common sense. Their lips hovered inches apart and Ina made the move to close the distance eagerly.
Suddenly, without warning, Emma shoved Ina off awkwardly and threw herself to the other side of the room. Ina stayed where she had been pushed off unmoving, not daring to open her eyes, not daring to accept.
“I’m not like that Ina!” Her voice shook violently and it was high and strained. The words hung in the air jagged and painful. They seemed to continue floating around Ina stabbing her in every weak part, long after they had been said.
“I don’t like girls….” It was small whimpering and fragile but it was there and it reached Ina all the same if they had been shrieked from the inside of her own head. She felt numb, cold, unwanted.
She heard faint sobbing as she stood up and looked over at Emma huddled in the corner, her face hidden.
“I’m sorry….” She muttered evenly and left.

The author's comments:
I wrote this very late one night when i had a friend sleeping over, she had been looking at some pictures of friend of hers in a lesbian relationship and as i saw them happy and kissing in the photos, i thought what if a girl wanted that with her friend but could never have it.

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