Bittersweet Snow Day

January 24, 2010
Summer had come and gone and fall had just ceased. He was thrilled the seasons had finally transformed into their last of the year because he lives in a town with mild weather except for winter so he only gets snow days. The boy dreaded school because monstrous teachers strive to make life a living hell day in and day out. In fact he despises it. Not only is this a critical year because he may not graduate high school unless he passes the SAT, but his parents nag him every single minute he is in the same house to pick a college away from home. Every minute he begins to crack under the pressure from everything in his life. He has no friends so he cannot even consider lunch or the social aspect his favorite time of the day. Instead it makes his days worse due to evil conniving “popular” kids. He is not at all the star athlete that everyone loves. So when winter came he looked forward to those snow days in which he would have one less day of hell.

Usually he could count on the weather to be his friend for just a few weeks and let the snow fall from the sky at hurricane speeds. But this year it let him down. The one thing he could always count on was now another aspect in his life that did not care about him. Did life want him to be miserable? He prayed for his friend to come like a pastor would God. All he wanted was his friend by his side for at least the whole season. One season out of the entire year was all he was asking for. Was that too much to ask?
Then finally, just when he was about to give up his life, his praying every 24/7 had paid off and his friend was still there for him. He woke to a bright white blanket of snow covering his world around him. It was like a kid awaking to presents on Christmas. He sprinted downstairs to check the answering machine and just as he had desired, his school called and it was indeed a snow day. His friend had showed up at last and made up for being two weeks late. His parents had never seen him that happy his entire seventeen years of life.
He put on his fleece warm snow gear and threw himself outside. He made a snowman of all snowmen and had more fun than a kid at Disneyland. As the evening grew nearer he went inside and stared out the window, marveling at the bright white blanket that kept the ground icy. But something was wrong. That same thick blanket that was there earlier was thin and wet. The bright yellow sun had come out and taken away his footprints that marked the greatest day of his life. His friend was leaving him just as quickly as he had come, leaving him to go back to his terrible life. Surprisingly, his friend never returned to his side. His life, if it was alive at all, returned to normal. At least he had one day in his entire life he will never forget.

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