It’s Only One Night After All

January 23, 2010
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“Okay, so all the numbers are on the fridge, the hospital, the Doctors office, the
Police, Aunt Maureen’s work, and, of course, and you know your Grandfather’s house number. If anything happens I want you to call my cell right away. I’ll have it on all night. Don’t eat too much candy, and don’t do anything stupid. This is your-“, Mom rambled on nervously.

“I know, I know my chance to prove how responsible I am.” I finished.

“If you need anything, even if it’s something stupid like just hearing my voic-”

“OKAY Mom! We’ll be fine! I promise! You can go now!”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Mom said putting down her bags and starting to take off her coat,
“We really don’t need to go, I think Grandpa just has a cold. Your aunt is a better nurse anyhow. She should go for the night.”

“No Mom, go! Matt and I will be just fine! It’s only one night after all! You’re all packed to go.”

“Well, I guess you’re right.” She mumbled hesitantly, “Alright, I love you. Bye!” She and Dad gave Matt, my brother, and I a hug and kiss good bye, and walked out the door.
I watched out the frosted window as they drove away beeping the horn.

They were gone.

I quickly got prepared for school, putting on my Halloween costume, a vampire, and helped Matt with his ghoulish skeleton costume. I scrambled around the kitchen making sandwiches and grabbing my homework and books. After we both pulled our acts together, Matt and I darted out the door and started our way down the bustling boulevard to the Hasbrouck Heights Middle School.

Halloween had always been a colossal deal to me. Getting to dress up as someone or something otherworldly and beg for candy, I mean, what else could you ask for? My friends had mellowed down their costumes, but I still went all the way. My black dress was shredded at the bottom, making it look like it was decaying in a crypt for years. My makeup was exaggerated, making my eyes as black as night, and the fake blood dribbling down my chin was a crimson, red, rose color. There was a “wow” from my friends as I entered the cafeteria.

“So, you guys are coming over my house after school, right?” I asked Sarah and Kate, dressed up as lifeguards with sweatshirts and flip-flops.

“Of course! We’re watching Young Frankstine!” replied Sarah.

“Awwwhh, can’t we watch something scary for once?” asked Kate.

“Why not? We’ll have to kick Matt out. He might get nightmares, and I am so not dealing with that all night.” I said.

“That’s right!” exclaimed Kate, “You’re parents are away! PARTY AT LILY’S H-“
I whacked her across the arm and yelled at her to shut up. We all laughed and walked up to first period. The day went slowly. It seemed all the teachers planned games or other relaxing things to do. I mean, who can possibly teach on Halloween? The I’m-too-
excited-about-my-upcoming-sugar-rush-attitude made every word uttered by authority go in one ear and out the other.

After school, I met Kate and Sarah at the corner and we ambled back to my house. Matt and two other friends, Patrick and Erem were following in our wake. As we approached my block I turned to converse with Matt before our parting. “Okay, you’ve got your cell?

He nodded, only half listening to my lecture. At the moment I was authority and the words leaving my lips were meaningless to him.

“You can trick-or treat for a couple of hours on this side of town. Don’t cross the boulevard with out a crossing guard, and don’t go to houses with out their outside lights on. Got it? Oh and-“

“Lily stop it! You sound like Mom!”

“Fine; go and have fun!” I ruffled his hair and let him go on his way.

“Oh and be home before dark!” I yelled.

He gave me a thumbs up and Kate, Sarah, and I turned the corner and made our way to my house.

“So what movie did you have in mind Kate?”

“Oh I don’t know…..something scary! If we don’t we can always do a little channel surfing and find something on TV.”

We wound up doing just that. We found a good scary movie marathon and, believe me the movies were scary. I had practically leaped out of my seat at least ten times, spilling popcorn all over the carpet. I felt like something was watching me. I was constantly glancing over my shoulder, expecting the napkin holder on the kitchen table to transform into some kind of daemon; even Sarah’s quiet sneeze had terrified me.

At around 7:30 we planned to go trick-or-treating for a little, and meet up with Matt and his friends. About twenty minutes prior to, the door bell rang. Just another trick-or-treator, I thought. I strolled to the door, delighted to escape from the horrific movies. I clutched the candy and opened the door to no one.

Suddenly two boys leaped out from a bush. A blood-curling scream escaped my petrified body. The candy went flying helter-skelter. The gory masks were torn off to reveal Tim and Max’s, two boys my age, hysterical faces. Max fell to the ground clutching his stomach from laughing so hard.

“Uggh! I can’t believe you two,” I said while smacking them both. Kate and Sarah were behind me also cracking up. I fussed to pick up all the candy, my face turning red from growing embarrassment.

“Hey! Are you guys going trick-or-treating?” Tim asked.

“Do you want to come with us?” Max invited.

“Sure.” Kate, Sarah and I said in unison.

Suddenly I saw a boy come zooming down the hill, looking frantic.

“LILY” he screamed.

It was Patrick, one of Matt’s friends. He was supposed to be trick-or-treating with him now.

“LILY, LILY, LILY!” he shouted.

“Patrick what’s wrong?”

“It’s M-Matt! He’s g-gone! He just dis-dissapeared!” Patrick was pale and gasping for breath.

“Where did you last see him?”

“Woodland Park.”

I threw off my shoes (Who can run fast in heels anyway?) and jolted down to the park. Kate, Sarah, Tim, and Max, and Patrick chased after me barely able to keep up. Thoughts keep rushing in and out of my mind in waves:

What if we can’t find him?

What if he’s really hurt?

What if he’s lost?

What if he’s unconscious?

What if we do find him?

What if it’s too late?

What if?

What if?

What if?

These thoughts pumped the adrenaline into my vanes and pushed me to move faster. When we finally reached Woodland Park it was twilight. There was a crisp, cool, breeze that chilled my bones and made me wish I grabbed my jacket. We split into pairs and searched in different areas of the park. A bat or two fluttered and screeched overhead. The moon was our only guiding light, and candle in a pitch-black room.

“Lily!” I heard from the edge of the forest. Kate and Patrick had found something. I rushed over.

What I saw made my blood run cold. There was a crimson red trickle of a thick liquid going into the woods. It was the same color as the makeup running down my chin. It was blood.

I gasped and began to tremble. I felt my whole body shutter with disbelief. Sarah and Kate hugged me around the shoulders, as Max, Tim, and Patrick inched closer to the woods.

Suddenly the bushes began to shake. Everyone was silent. The crunching of leaves that soon flowed seemed as loud as fireworks. Everyone jumped back and huddled together, unexpectedly frozen, too horrified to move. Out jumped a hideous creature. I wish I could give you a more detailed description, but I’m no fool. I and everyone else bolted for home, screaming at the top of our lungs. In the corner of my eye I saw Tim trip on a tree stomp and plunge into mud. I sprinted back to help him and realized not everyone had bolted like I thought. Patrick was still standing with the creature cracking up, absolutely howling and roaring with laughter. I slowly came to realize who the creature was. Even though his face was red, no maroon, with laughter, I could still easily recognize him. Standing there with Patrick was Matt, all dressed up (In a completely different costume that what I helped him with that morning.) except for his mask which he had dropped to the ground in all his hysterics.

Then, I roared; except my roar was one of a completely different nature. “MATT I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” and I ran at him with such obvious rage he stopped laughing immediately.

I heard the furious voices of Kate, Sarah, Max and Tim shout similar phrases and suddenly appear running at my side. We chased Matt and Patrick all the way home.

Ding! Dong! The door bell rang at 7:30 a.m the next morning. I opened it to see my parents smiling faces.

“So,” Mom asked, “How did it go yesterday?”

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