A Promise Unkeep but forgotten

January 23, 2010
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His arm reached slowly across the back of the chair. He leaned in more like he was trying to make the moment perfect almost like he had planned it out the night before. I turned,smiled and slowly moved my hand towards his,i held his hand for the rest of the night.
When the movie was over we walked outside and realized that everyone was running around trying to getaway from something. When i turned around i blacked out and did not wake up until fifthteen mintues later. Suddenly i was in the middle of a torando and then i blacked out again, this time longer.
When i woke up this time i was scared out of my mind, but then i realized i was holding something or someone. When i looked over to my right,i saw him smiling at me almost like he had been watching me the whole time. I was hoping this was all a dream,but it was not. The tornado winds tried to pull me away from him,but i would not let go, i just held on tighter.
Then he looked at me and said,"You have to let go."
That's when i started to cry.
"No",i said.
He smiled again with tears in his eyes this time sayin,"You have to let go. It's the only way you will live."
I cried even more,"Ok,as long as you will be at the bottem waiting for me."
The last thing i heard was "Ok". Then I let go. I fell on a pile of wood and rocks and blacked out once again.
"Good Morning,Sunshine," I heard my mother say. Was it all a dream after all or was it real. I opened my eyes alittle more to then find myself in a hospital. I than suddenly scarmed ,"Where's Johnathan! Where's JOhnathan!"
"Im Sorry,"and that was all my she said.

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