Camping Catastrophe

January 23, 2010
By Sonny555 PLATINUM, Oyster Bay, New York
Sonny555 PLATINUM, Oyster Bay, New York
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The scenery of the rocky mountains. There were tons of boreal forests, streams, and mountain flowers. A family of one man and two kids walked up a mountain carrying heavy backpacks. The man was tall with dirty blonde hair. There was a boy of no older than ten who was small with pale blonde hair that was shaped like a mushroom cut. Finally, there was a girl who appeared to be about thirteen year old. She looked nothing like her father or brother with her long, curly, dark brown hair that was put up in a high ponytail. They all appeared to be wearing early spring attire. They stopped in an empty space, and set up their tent and campfire place.
"Isabella and Boris, I am going hunting for deer. Please stay here and don't mess up anything," said the father
"Yes Dad," said Isabella.
"Yes Dad," said Boris.
"All right then, good bye."
The father took off. Boris went to go grab the matches.
"Boris, no. Dad said not to mess anything up," Isabella explained.
"I'm not," said Boris. "I just want s'mores."
"You can't have s'mores now," said Isabella.
"Oh yes I can," said Boris smiling. As he lit the match, Isabella grabbed his body. The match hit the tent; causing it to catch on fire.
"Boris!" shouted Isabella. "Look what you've done!"
"It wasn't me!" growled Boris. "You grabbed me!"
"GUYS, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" roared the father as he arrived back.
"It was both our fault," Isabella confessed. She explained what happened
"Come we are gonna gather water from the lake, and kill the fire. And when we get home, you both are grounded for a month!"
Isabella and Boris nodded. They went to the lake with their father. They gathered some water with their buckets, and once at the tent, washed it out. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. There was luck though; it started raining. The bad part was the tent was completely gone. The camping trip was ruined, and yes, the two childern were grounded once they got home.

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