Curiosity Killed the Girl

January 23, 2010
The rain poured down and cooled my burning body. I anxiously looked over my shoulder as I caught my breath.

“Why did I come here? I should’ve minded my own business!” I said to myself.

I wiped the rain from my eyes and as I looked up, I saw him. I turned to continue running home but his hand reached out and caught my shoulder. I tried to twist my way away, but it wasn’t working like I had planned. I turned to face him; my best friend, my first, true love, and now the worst guy on this planet. I yanked my way away from Josh, but instead of being in the position to run, my butt met damp, muddy gravel.

I could no longer feel the tears escaping from my eyes as they mixed with the heavy down pour of the rain. I saw his hand reach out to help me up but instead of taking it, I kicked it away. I yanked the hood of my sweatshirt up and stood, my butt wet and cold. I stood only three inches shorter than Josh but at that moment it felt like three feet. I wanted to scream, yell, kick, or beat the c*** out of Josh. Anything to get the pain and anger out. Instead I did something I knew I would regret later.

I yelled over the rolling thunder, “Go back to Abigail, Josh. I should’ve known this would’ve happened. The signs were right in front of my face.”

I had wished that Josh would’ve pulled me close and whispered how sorry he was, but he just gave me a last blank look and turned, heading back into his house. Walking out of my life. Walking back to Abigail.

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