Bad Things Happen to Good People

January 21, 2010
By Mya_Marie BRONZE, Little Current, Other
Mya_Marie BRONZE, Little Current, Other
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I remembooder the day I died every second of my after life; it was constantly there, reminding me what had happened. How bad things happen to good people.

I was walking to the rink where I was meeting my friends, but I never made it there. I remember the sounds of metal hitting metal, I remembering seeing as the car veered of the road right where I was standing, and then I was in a great deal of pain before nothing.

When I opened my eyes, I was standing next to my body, or what I could see of it. There was a turn over car on the upper part of my body showing just my legs and my left arm. I could see people as they scrambled to help the other victims not noticing my body.

“Hello, my body needs help,” I tried talking to someone, but they were working on helping the family that was trapped in the car. It took 10 minutes and someone tripping over my leg for them to notice that I was under the car.

They called others over and turned the car over to show a flatten version of myself. My face was sunken in and my chest was flat with bones sticking out with blood stains. EMT placed a hand on my neck feeling for a pulse, but I knew there was none. She looked at his watched and timed my death. 6:54pm, January 14, 2010.

By now people from the rink walked over wondering what all the commotion was. In front of the group where Catie and Mel, the two friend I was supposed to meet. Mel let out a scream as she saw me on the ground and rushed over to me ignoring that the EMTs and the police were telling her.

“Jessie, Jessie! Wake up.” She shook back and forth, only managing to make the bone either stick out or sink back in before one of the police rushed over and wrapped his arms around her and pulled her away from my body as the EMTs picked me up and placed me on the gurney. I watched as they placed a blanket over my body and placed me in the ambulance.

I walked away from my body over to Catie and Mel who were holding each other and crying. Mel was on the phone with someone, but was having a hard time creating sentences. Her voice was cracking, sometimes stopping to let out a sob, before starting over and trying to talk again before she said bye and hung up the phone.

“It is going to be alright.” I told her, but I knew she wouldn’t hear.

By now everyone in the town was standing around the crash sight wondering who was injured and who died. I never knew that our little town was so nosy.

“Catie, what happened, where is Jessie?” The voice belongs to Gavin. He was tall black hair brown eyed kid. His skin was always tanned and he dressed comfortable, he didn’t care how he looked as long as he was comfortable.

“Gavin, Jessie...she....she’s over there.” She pointed to the covered body on the gurney.

“No, she is not dead, she is not.” He stared at my best friend in horror. I knew that this was going to be hard for him. I have been dating him for more then 5 years. We had planned to go to college together; we were both interested in working in the construction service. I wanted to go to architecture while he wanted to make the buildings that I had planned.

“Sir, I am going to ask you to back away from the yellow tape.” It was the same police man who pulled Catie away.

“No, I have to see her, she is not dead.” He said and tried running to where I was lying but was stopped by other police men.

“Sir, I am going to have to tell you to leave.” One of them said.

“No, that is my girlfriend, I have to see her, please.” He struggled against the cops. They held onto him tighter and placed him back behind over the yellow caution tape. I walked back to my body. I heard crying as I got closer to the crash scene. There was a child no older then one lying on the ground...beside her body that was on a gurney just like the one I was on. I walked over and picked her up and held her in my arms.

“It is alright little one, bad things happen to good people.” I rocked her in my arms until she stopped crying. She sniffled now and then but had stopped. I gave her forehead a kiss.

“It is alright Annabell, it is just a waiting game now, and it won’t be long.” I did not know how I knew this little girls name or how I knew that what ever was coming was coming soon.

“Jessie, Annabell.” I turned around and stared at the new comer. He was dressing in all white, from his dress shirt to his pants, even his shoes where white. His wings were filled with white feathers that looked liked soft snow. He held out on of his hands for me to grab.

I shifted Annabell on my hip before I grabbed his hand. It felt warm and safe. I closed my eyes and let the feeling fill my body.

“Welcome to heaven.” He said as he let go of my hand. I opened my eyes to a placed I couldn’t even describe. For me I call it paradise. This was going to be home for the rest of our lives,for both Annabell and I.

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