January 21, 2010
I woke in my queen sized bed cold, weak, and alone. I walked up the carpetted stair to the living room to find no one home, again. I sigh and make some breakfast enough for two always do. I only finished half i left the other half for my father who would be home shortly after i'm gone, pruhaps he will come home suber for the first time in a month. I slowly get ready for school brush my hair down to cover my face. "Knock Knock." I walk to my front door to find my best friend Sue at the door waiting for me so she can give me a left to school. I grab my bag and leave the empty house. "Ring." The last bell of the day kids are running from class room happy to be able to go home while I drag my feet to get on the bus. I arrive home, moms home maybe we can talk tonight i think walking in to the living room to find her sitting there with a brown bottle in her hand. I roll my eyes and forget about talking to her and walk down stair to my room, to face the cold, weak and alone world of mine.

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